April 11, 2011, 5:00 am

iPad is Dead

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ipad with keyboardRIM will be deploying its new PlayBook next week; the iPad is dead!… Well… humphr… I may be a RIM die hard fan, I’m not that stupid ;-). But I actually think that the iPad is dead for another reason; I have a better idea!

The iPad is nothing but a cool toy

When I think about the iPad and other “Pads” of the world, I see nothing but a gadget. It’s a “cool” toy where you can play some games, have fun with applications and go on the internet. I see a true usage when you talk about video conferencing and reading books. However, the Pads have so many “fun” options that I don’t think it is really designed to work with. You can surely hang out but you can’t really work with an iPad and be productive (I’m losing enough time with my iPod Touch to realize how the iPad could become a time eater in my day!).

The iPad at Halloween

My idea came while seeing all the additional gadgets you can buy for your iPad. One of them is literally a suitcase to protect your iPad and provide access to a keyboard. When I saw that, I just saw an iPad disguised as a laptop… so what’s the point?

Why the iPad is soo cool

The iPad is soo cool because it has an amazing touch screen. This offers you a world of opportunities that we haven’t been able to explore yet. Wow… you can interact with a screen by the tip of your finger. How cool is that?

This is what makes the good ol’ laptop so old fashioned (I’m typing this post while I am at the pool for William’s swimming classes and while most people are staring at me because I type like a demon with my semi-broken laptop… while they are playing with their iPads and iTouches 😉 ).

So what is the solution to make the laptop cool again?

So here’s my idea: why don’t we take a laptop and integrate a touch screen on the surface? When opened, the tool would act as a regular laptop. When closed, the user would have access to a touch screen with the very same function as the iPad.  This would make it the perfect device according to me.

It would combine the work utility and the power of a computer combined with the multimedia and screen enhancement of a touch pad. It just sounds like the perfect device to control your whole geek world ;-).

The fact of adding a double face touch screen on a laptop would enable you to play, work and manage all your application from a single device. For those who like the small size of the iPad, we can surely do it with small notebooks as well ;-). If Apple can design a MacBook almost as thin as a sheet of paper, I’m sure they can incorporate 2 screens on a laptop! I could call it the iTop? Or the iMacBook?… but I hope RIM gets the idea first and call it the BlackBook 😛

I wonder if my idea is good or not, what do you think? Would you buy a BlackBook?

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by: OttawaGuy | April 11th, 2011 (7:23 am)

I think that Asus have just started to figure this out with one of their coming products. Certainly looks promising, both a netbook and a tablet


by: The Financial Blogger | April 11th, 2011 (8:48 am)

Darn! and I thought I was going to be rich with this idea ;-)… too bad!

But I was really thinking of a 2 screens laptop/tablet (one on each side of the laptop cover)….The Asus product is quite impressie though…

Buy a PUT on RIM 🙂

Once Apple figures out that a little keyboard is a good thing, RIM has nothing to offer 🙂

I agree with you that there has to be something to do work on. I do know that some of the lesser makers have touch screen laptops, or flipable tablets, but why not RIM and Apple.

I always felt that Apple was positioning the iPad as something between the desktop and a laptop. In other words a sophisticated toy! To me it has limited use, but they have a winner at that particular price point. It is almost a laptop, for people who just want to do certain things. Apple again created a need that was not there before and developers added the apps.

I’m with Perfect Dad – short RIM.

TFB I think you are way off base. I am a long time Microsoft user, but they just totally missed the boat on this one and they still don’t get it. It’s not a PC. Do what you suggest and it becomes a big clunky thing with crappy battery life that weighs too much.

In fact if you want something in between you are better off buying a Macbook Air.

No, it’s not about a touch screen. You can get laptops now with touchscreens and they don’t sell – you don’t need a touch screen if you have a keyboard and pointing device.

Apple is going to continue to crush everyone in the tablet market for some time to come is my estimate.

Really the Ipad is just a brilliant marketing ploy by apple. They have quite successfully positioned their brand in the same manner as say Starbucks, and elite and ‘hip.’ The number of people that make buying an Ipad a priority is completely disproportional to the amount of people that have the disposable income to afford it as a toy. I would say it more status simple than useful gadget at this point.

by: The Financial Blogger | April 11th, 2011 (8:35 pm)

Thx CK, now I feel like a real techno retard! 😉

The Ipad is the most useless piece of over-hyped junk I have ever seen. Was that harsh? Maybe. But it’s seriously useless. It doesn’t do anything to help with productivity. Seems pointless to me…

Well, I don’t think that Apple would ever put a keyboard with an iPad. They seem to be getting away from that type of user interface entirely. I agree that the iPad is a status symbol much like Starbucks. But that is the point of their marketing strategy. It is brilliant and a big profit center for the company.

by: Mai kings | April 12th, 2011 (11:27 am)

If you want something with touchscreen and keyboard combo, Dell came out with Inspiron Duo a few months ago

Jon, my lovely wife would very much disagree with you.

She has found the iPad extremely useful this year as a Mom with a new baby. She has been able to be productive – do email, book appointments, research and read on raising a child, and shop online from this great little portable device. It has been invaluable to her. You can’t use a laptop while nursing a baby, but the iPad is no problem. You can’t easily put the laptop on the counter while preparing a bottle and order more diapers, then turn around and put it beside you on the kitchen table with one hand to see the weather. It may be technically possible with a laptop but it’s not practical.

You also can’t value consumer items based on productivity. There are lots of non-productive things we do with the iPad that I consider valuable. I use the Kindle reader software to read both fiction and business books more efficiently (and more cheaply) than I ever did with physical books. I can triage email (both personal and work) on it easily – like when I am trying to rock my son to sleep after his bottle – when it just isn’t feasible to use a laptop. Even skipping the child-specific stuff, quickly checking the weather, work email, and my calendar while in bed in the morning or evening to get ready for the day is valuable to me and not practical to do with a laptop.

I originally got the iPad as a gadget because I am a geek and like my toys. It has been a surprise to me that both my wife and I use it so much and have even come to rely on it. Within the 2 weeks of having it my wife wouldn’t let me take it on a business trip, she quickly used it so much.

Is the iPad a necessity? No, but neither is TV, or an iPod, or much of the rest of the stuff we spend money on.

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by: Future Money-Bags | April 17th, 2011 (6:11 am)

The Ipad is a gadget.
It isn’t a laptop or a computor or a workstation.

You can do some of the same things, but it will never replace a laptop. I need my laptop to do everything, and an ipad will never be able to do that with such ease.

Excel sheets, typing fast on word docs, writing long emails, watching movies on something bigger than a book.

Than again, I won’t buy a new laptop till this one is at least 3 years old, and same with my phone.