February 14, 2012, 5:00 am

I’m Curious; How Much Do You Spend on Valentine’s Day?

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Miscellaneous
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valentine's Day spendingDoh! You might be thinking or “I don’t care!” for others… have you thought of doing something for Valentine’s Day?


I’m asking you this question because this year, I won’t be spending much money … but I’m totally against not spending for Valentine’s Day!


In fact, I’m usually part of the statistics that spends money on Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Call me a marketing zombie or a shopaholic; I think I’m in between the 2 ;-). But seriously, I think that spending money on Holidays is important. Here’s why:


Because you show that you care


Yeah, I know, you don’t need a stupid date on the calendar to show that you love someone… or, maybe you do? How many times to you buy flowers or write a nice card or a poem to your spouse over the course of a year? Do you have to wait until it his/her birthday to do it? If so, then you need Valentine’s Day to remember that you love someone and to make this person feel special.


Some people will hide behind frugality or behind the fact that these Holidays have become such a huge marketing gimmick. I think that if you are part of these folks, you are half right. I agree that this has become a marketing gimmick and there are tons of useless things that are offered and you don’t have to buy them. But hiding behind frugality?… really? I call it cheap. Because you don’t have to spend much money to show someone that you care. On the other hand, once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to offer a nice necklace (I’m sure that if your wife reads this post, she will totally agree with that 😉 ). But girls, this is good for you too J. Men do love receiving gifts as well ;-D


Because it’s good for the economy


Yeah, I know, I’m a darn capitalist! I would rather pay fewer taxes and spend more money. I think that Holidays are a good occasion to spend because most retailers offer great deals on their products. So you are saving money and helping the economy. How cool is that?


I’m not spending on Valentine’s Day this year for 2 reasons. The first one is that I made a priority this year to pay off my debts. It is definitely not by spending $100-$200 that I will be able to achieve my goal of paying 13K in debts. The second reason is also quite simple: I just bought a necklace for my wife to celebrate the arrival of our 3rd child (who was born on Feb 2nd). The good thing is that I’ve benefited from a Valentine’s Day special and bought the necklace at 50% off. The arrival of Caleb is a life changing moment for us and I wanted to show my wife the appreciation for all the sacrifices she has made and will be doing for our little angel.


We also used to go to the restaurant or cook fancy meals to celebrate this Holiday, but this year we will be back to one of our classics: wine, bread and cheese! How about you? How you will spend your Valentine’s Day? Do you spend money for your lover?

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My girlfriend and I are putting an offer in on a house this evening, so yeah, were spending money this Valentine’s Day.

by: The Financial Blogger | February 14th, 2012 (7:37 am)

that’s probably the coolest way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Congrats on the purchase!

$7. 2 chocolate covered heart shaped marsh mellow treats.
For us it is more important to spend time together, have family time putting lil’ SPF to bed – which means I need to get home from a business trip on time. We aren’t big on Hallmark holidays.

Cost of a simple dinner out — $20

Nothing! Not a penny! I actually would be mad if I get flowers. Don’t show me love one day a year. 🙂

I usually brin dinner in and get my wife flowers from a small grocery like story. The total is between $30-35.

Nada, I have a skype daaaaateee!

I guess we were the most extravagant. We spent about $100 on dinner out. It was steak and ribs which we almost never have here because USDA Prime beef is so expensive. We finished the night off with a $2 dvd at home.

I bought myself a lovely bottle of “Daisy Eau de Fresh” for $75 – and got $10 off the purchase, and a not so badly needed shopping bag. I quit smoking on Valentine’s Day many years ago, and I celebrate by a bit of extravagance. I still have and enjoy the heart-shaped waffle maker, grain grinder, and playmobile toys that were other valentine’s gifts to me! I’m loving it!