February 13, 2019, 10:33 am

Ideas for Spicing Up Your Business Visibility?

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Marketing savvy entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to make changes to their campaigns. Most businesses recognize the value of using a well-rounded plan that includes traditional and social media outlets for optimizing brand awareness and business visibility. If you’ve been looking for some ideas for spicing up your overall efforts in marketing and advertising, we have some ideas for you.

Always start with shareable content on your social media sites.

Share-worthy content is at the heart of what you should be doing on your business site and your social media sites. Blogs, links, and content you’ve curated from other sources only do the job if they bring potential followers and possible consumers to your site. Remember that shareable content can start generating traffic to your site. Most marketers recognize that the value of content to a business is that it builds the readers’ belief in the company or the individual as an expert and increases his level of influence. You can build a community of consumers without being overly self-promotional and still manage to get the necessary interest in your product and service moving.

Always remain consistent in your posting.

Most online businesses recognize the value of remaining relevant and understand that consistency is key. Posting at least a couple of times a day would be the minimum for legitimately trying to engage with a community of followers that you hope to maintain. If you want to convert those followers into loyal consumers or subscribers, you need to be finding regular ways to change it up from time to time so that they aren’t seeing the same old information repeated daily in different ways. Even regular viewers and readers can become disengaged if there isn’t fresh and interesting content posted consistently across time that gives them a reason to come back to your sites again and again.

Pin your top performing post to the top of your profile.

Social media posts that performed well should be highlighted. Post it at the top for all to see. You can showcase information and interest to new audiences, and let your regulars in on the ground your site is gaining. In order for this to work, make sure that the post is worth sharing because it remains relevant and is not dated. When it is no longer timely, switch it out for a more recent post. Learn the statistics and best practices for pinning a Tweet or Instagram or Facebook post on your social media platforms that can boost your business’s visibility.

Dabble in podcasting to see what your viewers enjoy.

Thanks to the instantaneous connection to millions of people afforded by the internet, your computer can allow you to become a bona fide radio disk jockey, talk show host, or recording artist. Depending on what your industry is, podcasting can allow you to log on to one of several podcast sites on the web and download content ranging from music to philosophy to health and wellness. If you’re not sure what a podcast is and how it works, now might just be the time to learn. As a free service, podcasting allows Internet users to pull audio files from a podcasting website to listen to on their computers, phones, or personal digital audio players without turning in to a particular broadcast. They simply download the podcast on demand or subscribe through an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. Businesses that are looking for a new way to gather an interested audience may find podcasting to be a valuable addition to their marketing campaign.

Get visual with youtube videography.

Your business may really benefit from developing a dedicated YouTube channel that allows you to feature longer responses to thoughts, opinions, or ideas that you have about your business, niche, or overall industry. Your business YouTube channel could be an interesting and innovative tool that will help maintain the loyalty of your growing social media following. It will also help develop content that can be added to your other social media accounts.  If you’re not certain where to start in developing a channel, you may want to go back to some of your high performing posts and see what meatier responses could be drawn from those. Consider discussing critical issues in your industry or start small with a how-to video of one of your many products. Interview a loyal consumer that has positive things to say, and improve your business marketing campaign by gathering subscriptions and memberships down the line.

What are some tools or tricks you’ve used to improve your business visibility online? Share below.

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