December 2, 2008, 6:00 am

I Still Can’t Believe It!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Alternative Income,Personal Finance
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Yesterday, I was writing about my bad days and how credit cards can be such a pain when you max them out. Today, on a lighter note, I wanted to talk about what people call dreams and about passion. I personally call it “the fire”. This is what lies within each of us. For some, it has been buried deep inside of them and they barely feel the fire. For others, it burns them every time they open their eyes. In fact, the fire can be that strong that you can wake up in the middle of the night to work on something.

Not because you have to, not because you are forced to; simply because it’s more important and more interesting than sleeping.

It’s been 3 months that I am sleeping less hours, that I am working or thinking about my project days and night and I never felt that good! The fire is feeding me as I am letting it burns 😉

2 years ago, I started The Financial Blogger as a side project. I thought it would be fun to write about one of my passion; personal finance. When I first discussed with other PF bloggers, I realized that most of them were doing it for fun but that there was no way to make more than $200 with a blog like this. “You’ll be lucky if you receive 5 Google cheques per year!” (Minimum payout from Google is $100) they said.

However, I was convinced that I could make a lot more than that. I didn’t know much about blogs and making money online. But I knew that people like John Chow or Tyler Cruz were living off their internet business. While I am still not there, I think I have accomplished a big step since I started.

If we were to withdraw all the money made by M35 on a monthly basis, my wife could completely stop working by now. However, I see the potential and the little machine growing and I just can’t take off the fuel out of the engine. I was really hoping to get there but I couldn’t think it was possible. I let the fire guide me through.

This post was not about bragging or about TFB progression over the past 2 years; it was meant to be a demonstration of what passion could let you into. You don’t have time? You don’t have the energy? Find your passion and the fire will give what you need to success. Keep a clear definition of what you want in life (I wrote it on my wall!) and keep doing things to achieve your goal. You can do it!

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It’s good to hear that you are so successful at this. Congrats. Another bit of proof that if you have dreams and goals, write them down, and let them burn you up inside. A bit of hard work and that vision will get you where you want to go.

I would like to point something out though. Most people will call what you have done great, but will call companies like Quixtar, Primerica, Mary Kay, etc scams for encouraging people to do the exact same thing. Have a dream, let it burn you up and fuel you, work your butt off making it happen, then reap the rewards.

Both what you have done, and what they encourage, is to setup a business. In their case, you need downlines/employees (only difference is how you get paid 1099/W2). In your case, you don’t need them….yet.

You change a few words around, people will call you a scam artist simply because you worked hard and did what they wouldn’t.

I think you have done a great job. Keep it up.


While I clearly stated why I would not join Primerica, I can testify that my friend who is working there and actualy realizing his dream is pretty sucessful in his business.

I truly believe that he is helping out people (since I know the man behind the rep 😉 ).

Having dreams his the best fuel eve 😀


I know. I was just pointing out that the people call companies like them scams for encouraging people to do what you have done and providing the resources to do it.

It’s a nice double standard.

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