March 28, 2008, 7:00 am

I Pledge Allegiance To My New Manager

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Life is ironic. A few months ago in my MBA class (while I was still thinking that my employer was paying my MBA), we were discussing how managers often compensate for the lack of vision of their HR department. I was quite surprise to hear that from a HR teacher (I guess there is still some honesty in this world!). Managers are basically the last line of defence when it comes down to an employee’s loyalty. Well mine just made a home run with my case!

They will finally pay for my MBA!

After two months of “negotiation at the top”, the decision came down to me as an approval (seriously? Could it end-up in another way?). In fact, the HR department still refused to pay for it but my region decided that I was worth it. So they decided to take it from their own budget and not ask the Head Office for any support.

This was one of the best shot they did this year

I tend to be a very loyal employee. I stayed four years and a half at my previous department and I left simply because I needed to learn something new (I would have stayed if not). I would never threat my employer of leaving if I’m not happy.

In management, I believe that action needs to be done with the information you have on hand and with what you believe people deserve. Therefore, making decisions according to threats are never sincere since they are based on fear instead of goodwill.

This is why I didn’t say anything bad nor had any reactions to the fact that my MBA was refused. However, it was clear in my mind that I would leave within a year. I simply can’t work for someone who doesn’t believe in my. Call me naive; I still think that integrity and honesty have their place in the finance world. No need to say that I hold my manager in high esteem.

I also know what it means

Nobody told me nor ask me for anything in return (beside the fact that I have to pass my tests 😉 ), but I am not that stupid. I know that my case was approved because of what I did in the past and what they expect me to do in the future. Fortunately for me, I like challenges and I am always aiming the top.

In the end, it’s a real win-win situation. I have my MBA paid and they will get a fully motivated and (hopefully) performing employee in their team.

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