May 14, 2008, 6:00 am

I Knew I Was Not Doing My MBA For Nothing

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I randomly post about my MBA progresses and experiences. When I started this program, I had three goals in mind: learning something, getting the 3 letters on my business card and knowing more people in the industry. Recently, I noticed that I really learned stuff and that networking does matter. So here my piece of life regarding what you can get from such academic program.

Present like a pro

I always had been good with presentation. Even at primary school, I was participating in all kind of contests. I also did improvisation and I really enjoyed this experience. But with our team, we decided to improve this skill to another level.

We recently got together and rethink the way we do our presentations. We started on the premise that there are people paid to make conference. So why don’t we try to build our presentation in a way that we could sell it?

If you build a presentation thinking that people paid $150 to sit there and listen, you better have something to say! So we started with this idea in mind and we made our presentation last weekend. It appeared that we did really well and we were told that it was looking more like a conference. While I think there is still improvement to be done, I think we made a good step in our presentation skills. It will definitely help me out make better presentation for my clients!

Get business done

Three weeks ago, I agree with a client to transfer money from another institution. The problem is that the situation was not simple and I had to speak with the financial advisor at the other bank before processing the transfer. After 2 faxes and 10 voice mails, I was kind of running out of options. I was on a limited time frame and I started to feel the heat.

This is when I remembered that I know a branch manager from that institution in my MBA class. I called her and got the right name and a direct phone number. I have been working on this case for 2 weeks, and I solved it 15 minutes after speaking to my MBA contact.

The best of it all is that I am now after the whole account and this could make my whole year! I’m telling you, the MBA is going to pay from one way or another!

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