July 1, 2009, 5:00 am

I Hate Canada Day!

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Here we go, now you are reading my title and you think “this guy, this little Quebequer who hates his country…. Such a shame!”. Not quite right. In fact, I am very proud to be Canadian and if ever Quebec separates, I’ll be moving in Western Canada for sure!

However, Canada Day is pretty special in Quebec; this is also called “Moving Day”. For some unknown reason, most rent expires on July 1st and then, most people move on that date. The thing is that I always have a friend that moves on that date as well!

Therefore, again, today I am stuck driving to Montreal, get stuck in traffic and move furniture and boxes the whole day. The great part is that I have to work tomorrow morning…

However, I really love the new Olympic Vancouver 2010 Maple Leaf Poster:

VANOC Poster 20090629

So I leave you enjoy your Canada while I’ll be sweating and swearing all day! 😉

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Hey man! It’s not Canada day, it’s NHL free agent day! I love this day. 😀

by: The Financial Blogger | July 1st, 2009 (9:55 am)


I just hope to open my laptop tonight and realize that the Canadiens signed Tanguay and Gionta to play with Gomez!

Then, they could sign Koivu to play with A Kotsitsyn and Kovalev!

And (it’s fun to dream sometimes!) they could sign Beauchemin to play with Markov!

My first thought when I read your title was that maybe Canadian stocks traditionally drop on Canada Day. When I read what you thought we would think, I went “Oh, yeah. That probably is the typical response, especially out here in Alberta.” When I first read about Moving Day in Quebec, I thought that was a great idea. You had a day off to move built in! I hadn’t thought about the aspect of it where you can guilt all of your friends into helping you move because you know they have the day off, too.

ha ha…. that’s too bad…. no wonder it’s Moving Day if everyone else is helping everyone else move, too……. I guess it’s even more incentive to take on a mortgage so you won’t be moving all the time. When I was in Quebec I rented a place but just for a month later in the summer, I think.

We’ll be happy to have you out west if Quebec separates!

Canadiens did we’ll on July 1st, Oilers at least improved their goaltending slightly.

I just want to say one thing: I not only hate Canada Day but I also hate the rest of Canada! I hate how Canada always shows off and the time wasting of not giving Canadians pension at a time of economic recession! One word of advice: leave Canada now before it kills you!