May 15, 2009, 6:00 am

I Finally Bought My SUV!

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If you have been following this blog for the past month, you probably noticed several post about cars as I was shopping for a new one. The Ironic part is that I was looking for a new car in order to fit a third child in the back seat and when we bought the SUV, a few days later we decided to not have a third child for now! Life is a trickster…

However, I am glad of my choice and the deal that I got! I bought a Mazda Tribute 2009 fully equipped. I noticed a few tricks when I was shopping for cars:

Dress-up a little bit but not too much

I went into a few dealerships with a jeans and a t-shirt and most salesmen ignored me or was not really interested in answering my questions. They probably thought I had a few hours to kill and that I wasn’t really serious (can’t afford!) about buying a new car.

I discussed this issue with one of my friend and he told me that when he went for shopping after work (dress with a suit and tie), everybody was after him… but they were also trying to charge him the big price.

Therefore, dress-up but not too much 😉

Come back a few times and ask for more

I went to see the Tribute 4 times. Each time, I negotiated something more. Dealerships are not interested in giving much on the first meeting. They think that you will somewhat “fall in love” with their car and buy it right away. When I was shopping, I was talking about the expensive price of a car we just tried and the salesman answered back:

But you can’t tell me it’s not a nice looking car!

There are a lot of nice things that cost $45,000” I replied. (this wasn’t about the Tribute by the way… it’s way cheaper than 45K 😉 ).

So the first time I got into the dealership, I tried it and sign for a credit application. You have to show that you are serious, if not, the deal doesn’t come.

Then I waited 2 weeks, shopping for other cars and telling other dealerships that I was already approved for a loan. Then, they call me back so I come see them again. This is where I asked for a few free pieces of equipment.

And just before signing the final deal, I asked for free rims and winter tires… and I got the rims and the winter tires will be at cost price next winter (written on the contract, off course!).

Overall, I’m very happy with the deal I had and the truck I drive. It really goes smooth on the road and it is very comfortable. Definitely not a frugal buy, but a good buy 😀

BTW, I’ll have a financial ramblings tomorrow… I’m back in business 😉

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