November 8, 2010, 5:00 am

I Don’t Need To Know That I Am Good

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While I was doing my MBA, I read many management principles where managers have to compliment their employees on a regular basis. It is the current trend to tell everyone that they are good no matter what you really think. We went from the “I-yell-at-you-no-matter-what” management strategy in the 80s and 90s (and some still use this strategy) to “come-here-I-will-give-you-a-hug-so-you-feel-good” management style. I am already not the type of guy that appreciates being complimented all the time at work, now I see this everywhere.

Being nice is now part of our society. Someone who says the cold hard truth definitely doesn’t fit in the new model. One of my friends told me that:

“It’s not mean, if it’s true”. You know what? I think he is right!

So now what? Do we all need to tell people that they suck at something just for the sake of being honest? I don’t think so either. My problem with today’s model of being so nice (I feel like we are stuck in a Barney show… trust me it’s terrible!) is that we tend to forget that we can improve ourselves.

If you say that someone is bad at something, most people will answer back: “yeah, but he’s a nice person”. Well you know what? I don’t really care if he’s a nice person or not. The point is that this individual needs to work on a specific aspect of his life or work because he is not good at it.

I want to evolve, to improve myself.

It may seem cocky but I know that I am good at what I do. Why? Simply because I wouldn’t do it if I was not good! I suck at most manual things; I can’t change a tire on my car, can’t repair a chair, can barely put a frame on a wall. This is why I don’t work in these fields!

The problem I have now is that I am a good financial planner. Not the best, not an all-star, but I am good at what I do. So when I arrive at my coaching session, I ask: “what can I do to improve myself? What are my flaws?”. And most of the time, people don’t tell me much about them. Why? Definitely not because I am flawless (I would be dead if I was perfect, right?), but simply because today’s society doesn’t recommend that you tell people the cold hard truth.

I think that a bit of pure honesty in this world is a necessity if you want to evolve as a person, an employee, as we want to evolve as a society. If we say that our healthcare system is very slow but we can’t blame nurses and doctors because they are already working days and nights until they fall apart to support our hospital; we don’t solve anything. The point is that I really think that nurses and doctors are working too much, that their working conditions are terrible and that they can’t do more than what they do right now. But it doesn’t mean that nothing can be changed! If we forget for one moment about how nice they are and we focus on what goes wrong, I’m sure we can improve both our healthcare system and those people’s life at the same time.

So What’s Next? YOUR TAKE!

I’m writing this article because I get the same feedback when I ask people what they think about my company, about my blogs. I rarely get critics, but I am definitely not doing everything right. I surely have flaws as a blogger or as an entrepreneur. So today, I’m asking you; What are my flaws? What do you NOT like about The Financial Blogger? Come on, you can’t be mean if what you say is true 😉

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i think every individual and entrepreneur that’s out there has their strengths and weaknesses and bring different personalities to the table.

That’s why there is no perfect harmony out there; people just don’t always see eye to eye. If they did, business and work in general would be easy. For example, my management style involves trying to motivate others to ‘want’ to do the task that needs to be done, while others will be more straight forward and say, “this is wrong”.

Depending on the person on the receiving end, one management style may be more effective than the other. This is why I don’t think there’s a rule book out there that says “this is how to get s%it done properly”. It’s because there are too many factors to take into consideration and different personalities are always around. Depending on the person, you may have no choice but to tweak your approach accordingly. Sometimes, ya just gotta be the bad guy.

Don’t ask me to tell me what you’re flaws are! If we were doing work together, I wouldn’t highlight your flaws, i would try to positively persuade and motivate you to go in the direction that I felt was more appropriate. 🙂

As a blogger, I like to see how other blogs are personalized and what it is that makes their site unique. Keep up the good work!


I enjoyed reading this post. I am in agreement with you when you talked about management styles. Keep in mind that when a manager does make one criticism, the person thinks you the manager is the worst person on this planet.

I also like the way you set up this blog. I guess one comment would be that it seems your blog is too busy. I would inline the picture along with the post and move up the ads in the middle of the post.

Good luck!

I sometimes feel exactly the same. But being very sensible, I also need to hear some good words. It feels good knowing that your good work has been notified.

Ok, so let’s answer your true question now! I love when you relate your financial tips to examples you have in real life. Although you already do it very nicely – you’re such a nice person 😛 – I would appreciate to read even more. I think it builds up credibility.

And why don’t you tell the cold hard truth more often? I feel many persons would gain facing reality when it comes to money!

Other than that, I repeat: you’re a nice person!!