September 14, 2009, 5:00 am

I Don’t Know

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question-markI have been sitting here for a good 15 minutes and all I can hear is whoooom whoooom whoooom. My head is whooming 😉 I’ve had a crazy day (I’m writing this post after a hard day at work, comfortably installed in a bus that seems to race like a snail on Red Bull… not really faster than a regular snail, really!). The kind of day where you have been working as hard as the guy at the post office (they are 3 to stamp an envelope)… No… more like the guy on the farm who woke up at 4:45 AM and he doesn’t stop before sunset. Wait… I actually woke up at 4:45AM… and I can see the sunset now… poor me!

My brain is dead and I have barely enough energy to get my fingers to write this post. What I am writing about? I don’t know yet. It has been exactly 158 words and I am still out of inspiration. It is quite obvious that I will wonder ‘till the cows come home!

I actually hate to be unproductive. My whole life is built on the principle of being uber-efficient and it kills me to feel like a beaten dog. Someone could steal the shirt off my back and I wouldn’t even budge… Right now, I may even be dumb enough to think it’s for a massage!

When I am at work and the mind decides to checkout ahead of the body, I physically follow it and leave the office. I never work when I don’t know. I think that once you have reached this state of mind, you are condemned to make horrible mistakes like, forgetting about something critical or crossing the street without looking at a bike heading your way. This is why I leave the office and not worry about finding the mind I’ve lost. I actually think we should all do the same. And perhaps:

– The engineer would not haved approved a shaky overpass structure that actually fell apart and killed an entire family while in their car in Montreal last year.

– The guys on Wall Street would not have bought commercial paper without asking questions.

– The signing officer would not have authorized credit to the multiple-lates-in-their-credit-bureau folks while financing 125% of their properties.

– The guys in government would not have authorized oil sand extraction without proper environmental due diligence.

– The guys working in marketing and designing Hummers would have been fired a while ago and replaced by Asian guys from Toyota.

– You would not have sliced yourself with a piece of paper, nor cut your finger with a staple or caught your newest suit on the corner of the desk.

Yup, it is now official, when you don’t know, you have the responsibility to leave your function and hide. Wait until your brain comes around. You will save yourself from a very bad day, followed by more inevitable bad moments used to repair or pay for your I don’t know day.

So, if you are feeling like this while reading my post on this fabulous Monday morning, call in sick and take the day off to find your brain. It could save your career or even your life… in any case, you will have the day off to golf 😀 ahh… wishful thinking!

image source: Alexander Drachmann

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