February 7, 2011, 5:00 am

I Can Play In The NFL

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Make Money Online
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ben-roethlisbergerI watched the Super Bowl yesterday, did you, of course you did.  I had a lot of fun… sitting with my friends, with kids running all over the place while my wife hung out with the other wifes in the kitchen 😉

Between the spicy Buffalo wings, 2 slices of pizza and a good Heineken (I know, nothing good for my belly!), a thought crossed my mind:


And you know what? Not only can I play in the NFL, I can be an allstar quarterback! I can call the plays, dictate the game and make touchdown passes one after the other. And now that I have realized I can do it, that I can be a champion; I am going to take the place I deserve in the NFL!


This thought didn’t cross my mind all of a sudden during a brutal quarterback sack. In fact, this idea was planted in my very fertile mind a few days before; during a discussion with my mentor. He was talking to me with so much conviction, with so much motivation that I have started to realize I was now ready. I am now on par with the big boys. And now it’s the time to take my place in the major leagues: I’m going to take my place as a professional blogger.


I believe we are all born with an amazing super power. I think that we all have great talents and that we should use them to the maximum. I can’t point to what my true talent is yet, but in the meantime, I have discovered that I have a great ability to make money. It just happens this way. And the tool I have decided to use to take advantage of this ability is the internet.

As you noticed, I have slowly changed The Financial Blogger’s direction and I’ll continue to head this way: I’m going to share all my little secrets of how I have built a strong, sustainable and reliable source of income through online properties. I will still continue to talk about personal finance as a part of how financial freedom is attainable through finance. However, I have decided to open up myself more and more and unveil the curtains from my online company.

So, I am not opening a simple door anymore; The Financial Blogger is becoming a real open house! I have several projects in line for TFB:

–          Launching my first Ebook (topics covered to be discussed in my newsletter shortly)

–          Improving my Newsletter (getting more high quality content on creating passive income)

–          Creating another pillar post (the sequel of managing my blogs, making 6 figures income and working 20 hours a week).

–          Producing a monthly income report

–          Teaching how you can achieve it too!

You have a question? I have an answer!

As I am opening my house of knowledge, I want young successful entrepreneurs just like yourself to benefit from it, Big Time!  So if you have any questions, any detail on any of my topics or simply if you think that I am not giving you enough, just tell me!

In 2011, I really want to Crush it. I want to call the plays, dictate the game and make touchdown passes one after the other. I want to play in the NFL!

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I say you should absolutely CRUSH IT!
I have a litany of questions as a newbie Blogger, so just
how much are you willing to give away???

I am looking forward to your posts and LEARN! Here is a question:

I hear of a few different posts (Pat Flyn heavily promotes them) such as Pillar Posts, How To Posts and List Posts and I can see you do them regularly, do you find it generates more traffic from your experience. I am curious if formatting and organizing the post differently with the same content can lead to a better post for readers and traffic. Which do you prefer of the 3 different posts?

How do you decide whether or not to buy a blog? To me, it seems like easy money to buy a small blog, throw a ton of ‘advertising’ on it, and walk away with a cool $5K-$10K without much effort.

At what point do you decide to go the sustainable route? To me it could be a choice of one vs. the other. If you sell ads, you risk your Adsense, which I assume is a very large portion of the sustainable income.

Would you be devastated if this site was banned by google?

He could go all the way!!! I’m sure you will. Excited for your new direction and eager to learn. Your passion and energy is infectious. Keep it up! I may have asked you this before, but will ask you again since you are going all in. At what point will you leave your current day job or will you continue to run with both at the same time?

by: The Financial Blogger | February 8th, 2011 (9:29 pm)

how about everything? ;-D ask and you will see 😀

@Passive Income Earner,
They actually generate more traffic if they are good ;-). If I had time, I would write more pillar posts. They do amazing thing for you blog (get traffic, increase readership and improve your chance of making money via affiliate)

Interesting questions once again. Buying a good blog is tougher than it seems. Throwing ads here and there would just kill the blog pretty fast.

I am trying to move toward a 100% sustainable income and playing the under the right rules ;-). Since I generate my income from several websites, I feel safer than running a huge one. Obviously, being banned by Google is always a very bad news ;-).

I am currently working on paying down my debts in order to make this decision easier. Since I make roughly 100K at my day job, it’s hard to leave it now. However, if the company can pay me 60K (after taxes), I would definitely consider quitting.

For now, I have decided to run the company while I’m working and hiring 2 VA’s instead of paying myself a full income. Hopefully, my “mini-me’s” will contribute enough so my blogs grow faster in 2011 😀

Looove this post! Can’t wait for your second Pillar Post! 😉