March 20, 2009, 6:00 am

I’m Sick of Being Fat; I gotta do something about it!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Miscellaneous
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What would be more fun on this Friday morning than talking about finance? Loosing weight maybe? Man, I am truly discouraged right now. I used to workout 2 to 3 days a week… until I started this stupid MBA 😉 With two kids, a new job in 2008 and school, I had to stop going to the gym last summer in order to survive (psychology ‘cause my belly is slowly growing to a point that it will kill me!).

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit ;-). Nonetheless, weighting 200 lbs when you are 5’10’’ is definitely too much! On top of this, my wife started to train as well and she has much more discipline than me! I also have to say that I am a bit stupid too: While she is doing her workout, I open my laptop and work on my blog (it’s only for the benefit of my readers… yeah, right!).

So while I am transforming into a real potato (forget about the coach, I will become the coach itself!). Then, I remember that one of my fellow blogger, Customers Revenge started a new website. It is called Goal hunter ( This is a great website where you can publicly set a goal and post update about it. It is kind of a micro-blogging goal achievement site for everyone!

So I’m entering the 1lbs loss per week challenge (and hopefully quitting after 25 weeks 😉 ). So if you want to join, we are only a few months away from summer, this is the perfect timing to get back in shape!

What in the world this post is related to Personal Finance?

Not much so far, huh? Well, there is always a link to personal finance! In order to lose weight, I will have to do something (blogging about it doesn’t seem to be quite efficient!). My first move is to register to the gym… again 😉 Unfortunately, this will decrease my monthly cash flow by about $40 a month. This is obviously one step away from one of my 2009 financial goals; making enough money so my wife can stay home!

On the other side, I have noticed that I was taking a lot of coffee before getting in the office (I used to take one at home and than a little “treat” to myself by stopping at Starbucks). Lately, I have been spending almost $10 a week (at $2.50 a coffee, it goes fast!). So if I run in the morning, the last thing I will want is to take a coffee after my workout! Therefore, I think I found an easy way to compensate for my gym payment.

The other good news is that I usually eat less crappy food when I do my workout. Therefore, I won’t be spending $10 on coffee and cookies at Timmy’s at night anymore!

Back to Goal Hunter, another great thing about this site is that you can put any kind of challenge and update it as you want. I thought it could be useful for people who wants to setup financial goals such as paying down debts, increasing cash flow (hum… I might be up to 2 challenges after all…) or buying a house. The site is quite new so it’s up to you to become an early adopter and start the wave. I think it can be an important part of any of your projects as the first thing to do when you want to achieve your goal is to report it and keep track of it! If you don’t do so, a good intention may become a plan and an action, but it will slowly become a “to do”, then a reminder, a thought and finally a “I wish I could…”.

I’ll be updating my weight loss in my financial ramblings, on twitter (you can now follow me on twitter!) and obviously on Goal Hunter.

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The experts are still debating coffee as a *pre-workout* drink, but it looks like caffeine capsules are better, though not as tasty.

5’10” and 200? Dude, I’m 5’9″ and 280+!! I also started the gym this week. My goal: 190 by year end. Although my membership is only 30/mo. God luck man. Droppng 25 is gonna be easier than my 90. Then again, I haven’t felt better either.

I probably also have some killer motivation, my daughter. I want to be around to see my great grand kids. She is 3 and I hope she waits till 25 to get married and have kids. Long life to us all.

Btw we still on for that lunch next time I head up there?

I hear you…. I also need to lose weight… I’m feeling disgusting too. In my case it’s stress – stress causes cortisol release which prevents weight loss and causes fat retention…. ugh.

Richard, actually, the more overweight you are, the faster you will lose the excess weight than someone who’s already closer to their natural body weight… it’s when we’re closer to normal that it can be harder to lose… at least from the reading on it that I’ve done.

by: The Financial Blogger | March 20th, 2009 (6:26 pm)

I’m still taking one coffee at home… so I can run like a crazy rabbit on the treadmill 😀

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by: Answer This | March 20th, 2009 (8:46 pm)

You would be surprised how much walking will help lose weight. I remember years ago when my car it the skids and I had to walk. I lost pounds. Today i’m 6″1, 220. My ideal fighting weight for me in my opinion is about 195-210..

Then don’t forget the diet has to change also to maintain. I used to love a good sandwich and a beer ( St. Pauly Girl or Molsen). Now I may drink a six pack a year if that, but I still battle with the sandwiches.

Good for you! Funny enough, I am feeling the same way right now. Though I am not getting an MBA, I’m working 30 hours per week, running a small business, getting my undergrad in business management, writing on my blog, and taking care of my wife. The gym kind of falls by the wayside.

Keep it up! You’ll do great!

I am approaching 55 and losing weight is becoming more important than finances. Why bother about retitrement plans when excess weight will kill you off. Screw the expense and join the gym or buy a machine to use at home.

“Answer This” is on the money about walking. Even short distances make a difference. Try walking the stairs for 2 minutes at a time 5 times a day.

I have lost 15 pounds and have at least 50 to go. Good luck to the rest of you.