November 25, 2010, 6:00 am

How You Can Save Money This Black Friday

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Shopping This Black Friday

The time is upon us. Black Friday is so close. All of the American readers (and Canadians that plan on crossing over) are excited about some of shopping deals that are going to come up this Friday. It might finally be time that you get that new jacket, that new plasma TV, or the newest iPhone, that you’ve had your eye on for the past few months. If you have the money saved up and are excited about doing some shopping this weekend, allow me to assist you with your Black Friday shopping with a few quick tips:

Plan ahead.

Going out to the mall to walk around could be very dangerous if you’re not a savvy shopper. There’s not a more tempting work in the English language than the word, “sale.” Just the fact that something is on sale is not a strong enough reason to make the purchase. If you buy everything that’s on an “amazing sale,” then you’re going to be going home with a packed car (or van). It’s critical that you understand what you’re looking for before you decide to step foot into the mall. Remember that Black Friday is your chance to snag up those Christmas gifts for loved ones on your list or to make purchases that you’ve been waiting to make for a long time.

Use the internet to your advantage.

You can take advantage of the internet in a variety of ways this Black Friday. Don’t let the long line ups in store and the headache of finding a parking spot at the mall prevent you from taking advantage of some great deals. A few ways the internet can benefit you with your shopping are:

Discount codes.

Discount codes all over the place. Every time that I go online I find discount codes for various retailers. Now the big question is: how can discount codes help me? The way I see it is that saving a few dollars here and there is always beneficial. Whether you find a certain percentage discount or a deal that you may have not heard of, you will still be better off.

Free shipping.

Why pay for shipping? Gone are the days where shipping costs take up a significant chunk of the final price paid. This holiday shopping weekend you need to use the internet to find as much free shipping as possible. The best part is that most sites will offer free shipping as they compete with each other.

Comparison shopping.

Comparing prices can be a bit difficult when the mall is completely rammed and you’re having difficulty just getting around the store that you’re already in. You can use the internet this Black Friday to compare prices between retailers to see where the best prices can be found. This way you can save even more money than the average Black Friday shopper.

Take advantage of Cyber Monday.

Since we brought up the internet, let’s talk about Cyber Monday. Those with a family or with obligations won’t exactly be able to stand outside at 2 in the morning waiting with the other maniacs. Many of you reading this either don’t have the patience to wait in line all night & day or simply hate going to malls. This is why you can save money altogether by avoiding the Black Friday rush and holding out for Cyber Monday.

What do you think? How do you plan on saving money this holiday shopping weekend?

(photo credit: Jason Tester)

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