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How To Stay Current on Your Retirement Fund

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Planning for stress-free finances in retirement is a large aspect of modern life. Technology has made it easier than ever before for investors building and managing retirement funds to stay up-to-date on their investments. Here are effective ways to stay current on your retirement fund.

Visit financial news websites.

Sites focused on the latest money matters tell you what is going on around the world. There are many good websites with reliable news.

  • CNBC
  • Bloomberg news portal
  • Reuters money section
  • com
  • Investopedia news section
  • MarketWatch

Respected publications such as The Wall Street Journal have online versions that offer you the latest money news. These sites also help you stay abreast of current developments in the overall economy. With a retirement fund, it is good to know and understand the rate of inflation, for example, and how it interplays with your personal assets.

Read market updates.

To understand how current market conditions affect your retirement fund, you need to be aware of what is happening with stocks and other types of investments. News, insights, and analysis from reliable sources are good ways to stay informed about events as well as to better understand trends and their expected long-term results. One such way to keep current is to get market updates from Fisher Investments, an independent money manager.

Sign up for email alerts.

If you are interested in news and information on specific subjects that may affect your investment holdings, you can go to Google.com and sign up for email alerts on many different subjects. You can specify specific keywords and phrases, and whenever they are found online, you will be alerted with an email. You can even select how you receive the updates—when Google finds news items relating to your specifications or in a digest form.

Know the current market conditions.

With a retirement fund, you are investing for the long term, so perhaps checking the market daily may not be the best idea. If you tend to get nervous when the stock market wobbles or you are apt to enthusiastically buy questionable stocks that suddenly become popular, checking stock prices constantly is probably not helpful. However, to understand the effect current conditions have on your retirement fund, keep current with market conditions at least weekly. Visit the websites of Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange for up-to-the-minute prices.

Read state and company retirement news.

If all or part of your retirement money comes from pensions issued by companies or government entities such as states, be sure to stay current with these groups. Sign up for newsletters and emails and visit their websites regularly so you will know what is happening with this part of your retirement income.

Stay in touch with your financial advisor, and be proactive.

If you work with a professional asset manager such as Fisher Investments on a long-term basis, keep in contact so you will know how your money is working for you. In this situation, being proactive rather than reactive is more helpful for your financial future. Even if you have a financial specialist, being more hands-on with your money ultimately gives you more control. Knowledge is power and knowing the current state of your retirement fund not only reduces anxiety but can also help you make necessary decisions without shock or panic. Increased knowledge also can help you avoid common retirement fund mistakes.

The condition of your retirement fund is vital to your quality of life, so it is important for you to keep current with your finances and understand how market and economy conditions shape your money situation. There are simple ways to stay up to date now, thanks to the internet. When you know the state of the economy down to your particular investments, you can more easily make choices that have a positive impact on your finances, both now and in the future.

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