June 12, 2009, 5:44 am

How to Slow Down with Your Life

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Career,Personal Finance
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I am almost done with my MBA program and I can’t say it hurt to think that I won’t have to leave my family on Saturday and Sunday morning while they are having breakfast in order to spend the day at school.

I recently went through a lot of stress in my life and I realize that I absolutely need to slow down. I actually started to overbook my life at a very young age. During college and University, I was working full time (35 to 40 hours) while studying full time as well. When I started my career, I was working 40 to 50 hours a week for my main job and had a sideline of the side every Saturday. Then, during the next five years, I kept those 2 jobs, moves 3 times, bough a land, sold it, bought a house sold it and bought another one, finished my mutual fund license, my financial planner title, and switched job and did my MBA. At the same time, on the personal side, I got engaged, married, had 2 kids went to Europe 6 months and started 2 small companies (the first one was a computer company while I was at school). I think it is obvious that I didn’t have the time to see what happened the past 5 years.

Today, I am about to end my MBA and I decided to not take another project right away. I actually decided to slow down. Why? Because I am slowly losing grip on everything around me. Because I am continuously running after something, never satisfied. Because I want more, and faster. I realized that it is also very important to appreciate what you have, what you built and people that are around you.

It’s like braking in the middle of the highway

How the hell will I be able to stop being so busy and living my life at 100 miles/hour? It is as simple as braking in the middle of the highway. I just decided to stop having new projects and concentrate on what I have on my plate right now (it is already well filled with my family, ma job and my company 😉 ).

I will now have another kind of project in fact; as I can’t really stop being me in one day, I decided to concentrate my energy on a single project: work less while keeping the same lifestyle. Therefore, I will be able to spend more time with the people I love and I won’t have to restrain myself.

So if you are like me, if you are planning your next project before you have finished what you are doing right now; maybe it is the time to ask yourself why you are doing this. I found my answer; I am addicted to adrenaline, I am addicted to the drive inside me. However, I need to control this drive so I can keep what I have. This is not an easy task 😉

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