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How To Market an eBook

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Yesterday, I told you how to write an eBook following 9 easy steps. The point of this post is to share my experience when I wrote Dividend Investing – How to build a never ending cash distributor. In a single month, I was able to reach more than 5,500 downloads. Even if the eBook was free, it was still quite a challenge to market it the right way in order to generate so many downloads in such little time. Also, this does not include those who just emailed the eBook to their friends. So how do you market your eBook? Here’s what I did :

Create a Buzz Before the Launch

One of my favorite marketing tricks is to create a buzz around the eBook before it was launched. I started my marketing strategy before I even wrote the first line of my book! I asked my newsletter subscribers what they would like to find in a dividend investing eBook. I used my Dividend Guy Blog Newsletter to contact people who know about this strategy and that would be able to help me create the right content for the most readers. By involving my readers, they were more likely to download my eBook once produced.

The second thing I did was to talk about my eBook with as many people as possible.  This included mentioning the creation of my eBook through my other newsletters, on my other blogs, on twitter and on forums. People that know The Financial Blogger automatically knew that I was working on a book. Some of them even offered me to write a guest post to market my eBook on their blogs.

As I was approaching the launch date, I intensified the promotion in order to make sure that everybody knew that I was expecting to launch my eBook at the end of May. In the end, due to designer problems, I had to wait until June 2nd to launch it.

So the « before buzz » was created through :

–          My newsletter

–          Mentions on all my blogs

–          Social Media such as Twitter

–          Mentions on forums

Create a list of possible ways to market your eBook

A week before the launch date, I sat down and established my complete marketing strategy to launch eBook. In this list I included:

–          An email list of all my contacts (bloggers) that could be interested by the eBook

–          An email list of “big guys” which I would contact personally

–          A list of influential people that could help promote my eBook outside of my circle of contacts

–          Articles ready to be sent through my different newsletters

–          A few guest posts

–          Twitter users I wanted to reach

–          Forums I wanted to appear on

–          Creation of a launch page on The Dividend Guy Blog

–          Keywords to use that will rank for my eBook

From this list, there are a few points I want to cover with you that made a huge difference in the launch. Here they are:

Go Viral, Talk to your friends!

When I think of big guys, I mean huge bloggers. When I think of influential individuals, I’m thinking of financial journalist or other bloggers that are not in my niche (investing). Interestingly enough, most people I contacted were more than willing to take a look at my eBook and try to promote it. It could go from a simple retweet to a mention on their blog.

Referrals are very important when trying to market your eBook. You need to reach as many individuals as possible. Between June 2nd and June 24th, more than 6,000 visitors saw my eBook launch page. Since I have about 5,500 downloads, you can guess that my landing page is pretty well built (but we will get back to this later on). Here are the best referrers (and a big THANK YOU to all of them):

Rob Carrick from The Globe & Mail (crazy how a simple tweet to this guy brought me 1,814 visitors!)

Dividend Growth Investor

Million Dollar Journey

Dividend Ninja

Dividend Monk

Passive Income Earner

The Div-Net

Dividends Value


Free Money Finance

My Money Blog

Canadian Dream

Dividend Partisan

Budgets Are Sexy


Money Index

The Dividend Pig

Bank Nerd

Beating the Index

I Love Dividends

Dividend Mantra

My Journey To Millions

The list is actually longer but I have to stop at one point, right? I even had the chance to write on Free From Broke and on Yakezie. I also had the opportunity to exchange a few emails with Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and Baker. As you can attest, I have sent a huge load of emails ;-).

Connect with your most important public audience: Your Readers!

Building newsletters was one of the best moves we made in 2010. Through your newsletter, you have the chance to build a privileged bond between you and your readers. Once the bond of trust is established, it is a marvelous medium to reach out and advise folks that you have something great for them. On top of that, since the eBook was free, subscribers just jumped on the offer. Within the first hour, I had more than 100 downloads. I actually asked my partner if there was a problem with the plugin reporting the count. But everything was working fine, I was just so lucky to have awesome readers that believe in me!

It also gave me a unique chance to ask them what they thought of the eBook after a few weeks. I was able to gather enough feedback to help me write another book (which will be done later on this year 😉 ).

Get the Best Landing Page And Grab Your New Visitors

Don’t underestimate the time you should invest on the landing page where your eBook is offered. This is your most powerful marketing tool. When you go to my landing page, here’s what you get:


The first point is to highlight your eBook.  While I have it at the beginning of the post, you can also see it in the right column (which appears on all my pages). It makes it easy for people who want to download it right away and don’t care about reading your landing page.

But for those who want to read before making the move, you have to tell them why your eBook is so great. This is your chance to market your eBook. You have to make it easy to read and skim. I’ll repeat: easy to read AND skim.

By using big titles with different colors and not too much text in each paragraph, your readers are able to get the main message without taking too much time on your page. I also mentioned who should download this eBook (beginner investors) and what they will find in it (the chapters outline).

Then, I finish my landing page by reiterating that the eBook is free and ready to be downloaded. This is how I plug my 3D cover once again.

How To Get 100 downloads/day without promotions

During the first 3 days of your launch, will be see a huge amount of visitors and downloads. That’s normal as your marketing plan is being executed and the product is hot. After this huge peak, you will see the number of downloads dropping significantly. So for the past 2 weeks, I am no longer doing any promotion. And still, I average of 100 downloads per day. How can it be possible? Through simple keyword optimization!

When I finished my eBook, I did a search through Market Samurai in order to know which kinds of keywords should be used to promote it. It appeared that Dividend Investing was a great keyword with low competition and still a decent amount of visits per day. This is why I named my eBook: Dividend Investing – How To Build a Never Ending Cash Distributor. Each time I mention my eBook, I use the anchor text “dividend investing”. Guess who’s sitting in the first spot of Google for “dividend investing”? you got it right 😀 The Dividend Investing eBook!

So with a great landing page and some Search Engine Optimization with Market Samurai, you can get some great passive downloads over time. I expect the number of downloads to be fairly stable in the upcoming months and therefore generate more and more readers through the promotion of my eBook.

Have used any other strategies? How do you think I can get more exposure?

 last minute edit: I ran a search this morning and I’m no longer on the first position in Google for “dividend investing”… I’ll have to work on that in July ;-).

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just checked and you are number 2! that is still very good. congrats and all the best!

I think those are great ways to market it! I’ll keep this in mind when I’m ready to debut mine. Bookmarking for sure.

It was my pleasure to help you out! My review is on the second page of google…I’ll take the exposure lol