May 31, 2012, 6:00 am

How to Get THAT Huge Project Done

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Quick note: This is an excerpt from my newest premium guide, Start Freelancing Now. If you’re tired of being broke or not having enough time, I urge you to check the blog out and take action because the price goes up on Saturday morning.

Let’s look at how you can finally get huge projects done.

I didn’t really learn how to get huge projects done from school. I learned by actually getting huge projects done that didn’t come with a deadline from a strict professor.

Here’s the only formula you ever need to read to get huge projects done (for clients and for yourself):

Set a due date.

Set a firm and realistic due date based on your schedule and lifestyle. Don’t lie to yourself and don’t be afraid to set it a bit further away.

Oh and please don’t be afraid to cut random tasks out of your life. You have a big project to finish. Cut mercilessly when it comes to things that don’t really matter.

Use stickies to jot every idea.

Grab a sticky pad and make notes. When working on this guide I went through so many stickies and pieces of paper. I wrote down every single idea that hit me. Good or bad ideas were all jotted down. You need to track everything that comes to mind on this huge project that you’re working on.

Re-arrange, sketch, and go wild.

This is where you should get as much feedback as possible. You don’t want feedback the day before you launch or send your big project away. You need to get every single opinion at this point. Don’t wait for feedback. Get it at this stage. Compare your sticky notes. Go wild.


Time to finally work! Grab a cup or 12 of coffee and start working away. Keep your deadline in mind while you hustle away. There are no shortcuts here. Just work until you can’t work any more, then work some more. Your goal here is to get things done.

“Success: no magic formula. You gotta be willing to work for it. Consistent, hard ass work.” – The Rock


It’s time for the world (or one client) to see what you’ve been doing this whole time. Send your product into the world. As funny as this will sound, but this is the toughest stage for some. We start to question our work. We debate if we should send it out or not. We get nervous. We hold back. We don’t release.

Screw that. You paid for this guide because you want real advice. I want you to release that huge project into the world. Don’t be afraid.

I want you to finish that huge project that you’ve been working on.

Here’s a quick tip on time management and getting stuff done:

If you want something bad enough, you’ll get it done.

Are you ready to go after that big project? Don’t let your own excuses hold you back any longer from finishing up huge and cool projects.

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Any projects that need more than a day should be monitored daily/weekly in order to adjust your effort. When I was executive, I hated it when someone was not only late with their project, but didn’t tell me until it was due.