October 24, 2011, 5:00 am

How To Build a Media Kit And Make A Killing With Private Advertisers

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media kitFollowing up on several of your requests after my blog income report, I decided to create this series to show you how I manage my private advertising on all of my sites. I’m not going to address publishing text links or not, nor how sponsored posts can be perceived by your audience. Nor if writing paid reviews is a cool thing or will they just upset your readers. I’ll leave these debates for others. In this series, I’ll only focus on how to make as much money as possible with your blog. How cool is that?

Quick note:

For those who are not interested in selling private advertisements, don’t worry, what I write on this blog can be applied to any business model. In fact, this will be a great help for any of you who want to build your business (regardless if it’s online or not).  You can also learn from this series if you want to present your side business, a product or service to any clients. The same principles will apply. Plus, I’ll be providing more “technical” stuff to newsletter subscribers to not bore the rest of you on this blog ;-D.


So, if you know that you want to attract private advertisers and make money out of it, here’s what you will learn in this series:

Make serious money with private advertisers

Build your media kit that will earn you thousands of dollars

Save time by managing your links properly

Run multiple blogs with very low fees (newsletter subscribers only)

Get the very same media kit template I use (newsletter subscribers only)


So the first step before you sell your first ad space is to know what you have to offer, right? You can’t simply go “all-in” and build a media kit in a hurry. Sorry folks, it’s a bit more complicated than that.


What Are You Offering?

This is a simple question that usually comes with a quick answer. However, the answer is often wrong as we don’t take enough time to consider what our blog/company/service really is. If you don’t agree with the word “wrong” as you think you are “right”, let’s use “a good answer but often not enough to impress your public”. If you had to explain what you are offering in 2 lines, would you be able to do it? Here’s mine for The Financial Blogger:


My blog is about how to work less and make more money


That relates to my tag line “working 4 days a week, making 6 figure income”. This is what I offer on TFB. This is what we call a Unique Selling Proposition. I won’t go into the concept of USP (Corbett Barr already did it better than I can right here) but the point is to tell the world, in 2 lines max, what is so different from your blog/company/service.


Here are some examples that are not too great:

I’m providing great content on blah blah blah (we all think we provide great content and there are tons of blogs writing about so and so).


I’m THE reference in this topic (you are probably not and even if you are, what makes you so unique, maybe I can claim the same thing on my blog and that will make 2 experts in the same niche!).


I tell people how to … save money/live frugal/invest wisely/etc. etc. etc. (there are tons of “how to” blogs… not really original, right?).


So What Makes You Original? (hint, the answer is in the question 😉 )


You got it: YOU! You are unique, you are different and you are the writer on your blog, the manager of your company and the inventor of your product. Now, you have to find a way to describe you and what you do in 2 lines… ooops getting more complicated!


I came up with my tag line (working 4 days a week, making 6 figure income) because it combines 2 of my biggest strengths as an individual, as an employee and as an entrepreneur:

1)      I’m damn efficient

2)      I’m good at making more money

In my opinion, this is what I do best and this is why I share my thoughts about these topics on this blog. Most people in the PF blogging world know TFB as “the guy who runs all those PF sites”.  I decided to keep this tag and go toward that direction.


So what defines YOU?


If you want to have something very original to offer, start by defining your strengths and how you transfer them into your blog/company.


Second question: who you want to deal with?

Once you have defined what your blog is, you need to define what your audience is. Not the one you have right now but the one you want to have. There is a fatal truth about any blog or company: you can’t reach everybody. Some people will like you, others will hate you and a wide majority will ignore you (because they just don’t care about what you have to say). What you need to do is to concentrate on people that will like you; this is your real audience.


Your audience will follow you because they like what you do and what you have to say. This is the same thing if you are looking for a niche market for your business: be VERY specific. Know exactly who you want to reach and forget about the rest (they will ignore you anyways 😉 ).


I want the TFB audience to be people interested in working hard, being creative, making more money in order to have more free time. Age and sex doesn’t really matter. I’ve realized that most people reading this blog are male, between 25 and 45 which makes sense since I’m a 30 year old dude. However, I also attract older readers and women too. This is because I focus more about what I like as opposed to what I am. If you like working less and making more money at the same time, we already have 2 things in common ;-).


This is the same thing with potential advertisers? Do you want to advertise payday loans? Do you care about the products/services sold by the advertisers? Or are you just like me and think that your readers are smart enough to judge the difference between a good product and a bad one.  You can just publish advertising without endorsing it (this is why I don’t publish sponsored posts and I don’t write reviews anymore; because I offer advertising space, not endorsement possibilities). I’ve created specific sections on my blogs where I offer advertising space. Both the advertiser and the reader know that this is not stuff coming from TFB but stuff that is being advertised. It’s always important to be clear about that too ;-).

What’s next?


Knowing what you want to offer and how you define it is only the first step. Once you have found it, it is important to take action and make sure your site/company reflects the image you want to portray. This is why I changed my header, added my tag line, took off my adsense block within posts and put my newsletter in the “above the fold” section while lowering my advertising sections. More recently (since the beginning of October), I’ve changed the length of my posts (more like 1,000 words now) and I’m trying to write more “useful” stuff for you. I hope it shows and that you like the recent changes on TFB!


Have you looked at your blog recently? Does it reflect what you want? Does it clearly display your message, your Unique Selling Proposition? If not, this is the very first step you need to accomplish before going further.


If you have recently made changes, or are about to do so, let me know. I want to know if your actions create results.

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This is great. My wife and I were just talking about private advertising for our blogs eventually. I started Perfecting Parenthood with some notions, but I’ve spent the last few months feeling out the space and determining my uniqueness.

Now how about those directions for making a media kit and selling private advertisers .. is there a pt 2 to this post?

by: The Financial Blogger | October 24th, 2011 (11:55 am)


in fact, there will be a part 2 and 3 + more info in the newsletter 😉

part 2 is tomorrow btw!

great synopsis Mike – this is something I’ve just recently started considering on my blog. i like private ads because in theory, once a relationship is established, providing it’s a win win (adverts are getting traffic), the deals are likely to keep renewing. only thing limiting your earning potential is the real estate on your website/blog. this fits your objective of working less and earning more, which fits in also with my objective of expediting wealth creation. because the leverage is so high (earnings vs effort invested), the more similar effort you invest, the more exponentially you increase wealth

by: The Financial Blogger | October 24th, 2011 (4:38 pm)


email me if you have any questions, I have plenty of info to share ;-D

I completely stole (borrowed) the idea of a media kit that one time where I asked you for your rates. Thanks!

by: The Financial Blogger | October 24th, 2011 (7:04 pm)

lol! you’ll have way more to borrow after this series 😉 hehehe!

This definitely qualifies as helpful! This is perfect for where our site is right now. I really like your point about differentiating yourself from what else is out there in order to appeal to others. Did you ever go to your advertising contacts, or did they all enquire about you first?

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This one can really help me on my future plans. Thanks TFB!