July 18, 2013, 11:00 am

How Important is Customer Service to You?

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Me: what are we invisible?

My friend: No wonder this bar is empty on a Saturday night.

This is an exchange from last weekend. I spent my Saturday checking out my friend’s new shop. His business is opening up this weekend and he was checking in on the construction. I was excited to see the progress. We decided to grab a quick drink next door after.

The bar was empty, which is very strange for a Saturday night and a Boston Pizza.

It took us forever to get a drink. We are pretty social guys. We talk to everyone. We are not rude. My friend is a lot older than me and totally respectful. So they weren’t upset with us. We weren’t being obnoxious.

The customer service just sucked.

The worst part is that my friend knows the owner and he’s opening up next door to this place. He doesn’t want it to fail, but he also appreciates great customer service. He told me that the service always sucks at this place and that he doesn’t think they’re going to last long.

I don’t know about you, but most customers really want exceptional customer service.

How important is customer service to you?

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” — Bill Gates

It is everything to me. I would rather by a lower quality product if it’s guaranteed to come with better service.

I hate waiting, being treated like I don’t matter, or having someone on the other end that doesn’t appreciate my business. For us customers, there are so many options out there. We don’t have to go back to that specific place. When we don’t go back, we might even share our concerns with some friends. So not only do they lose the original customer, but they can lose many others that aren’t impressed with how they were treated.

On the other end, when I get treated well, I’m sure to come back. There’s a burrito joint near my gym that I almost attend religiously. They know my brother and I. The second that I call they already know what I want. I place the order, show up in 10 minutes, and pig out.

It’s funny how small things can go a long way in keeping or attracting customers.

Is excellent customer service dead?

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.” — Sam Walton

It seems to me that it’s difficult to find great service these days. The world moves fast and people hate waiting.

You should never make people wait or feel like they’re not important when they walk in.

Apple has it figured out.

I bought my Macbook Air in Budapest, broke it in Puerto Plata, and got it fixed in Toronto.

Whenever I go to the Apple store I’m impressed with their customer service. They’re quick to help you, have great warranties on their products, and take the time to explain things to you.

The only dangerous part is that you might leave the store with something you weren’t planning on buying.

I hate it when bloggers complain about emails.

I do my best to respond to everything.

If you run a business, you should strive for flawless customer service.

Don’t ignore your customers so that you can pick up rocks on the beaches of Thailand.

I believe in amazing customer service. If you’re a blogger, please don’t complain about how many emails you have on Twitter. You should be grateful that these readers cared enough to read your site and send you a follow up email.

How important is customer service to you? Do you have any tips for improving the customer service experience as a blogger?

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The best solution to a problem is a quick response. I would consider that good customer service.

Customer service is very important. I reply to every email and every comment that I receive. I love hearing from readers and what they have to say!

I love the Bill Gates quote, that is a great one. I think you have to temper that with some customers that can really waste your time.

In some cases you’d be better to cut loose the complaining ones and just move on. It’s a real tough call to strike that balance.

Customer service is everything.

It makes or breaks my plans when it comes to repeat business.


From my experience with the Apple store, they have lots of people on staff to help and they are knowledgeable at the surface level. I was pretty disappointed with the lack of understanding on iMessage and how it really works with multiple family devices in one home. Their suggestion was for everyone to get their own apple id ?!? It defeats the purpose of having everything under one family and it shows their lack of knowledge on the actual services.

While I agree that you will always be served promptly, after a while you realize that you will either do one of the following:
– Reboot from a fresh (Sounds just like the old Microsoft)
– Reset the OS settings (Sounds just like the old Microsoft)
– They don’t bother fixing hardware, it’s replace for free within warranty or buy a new one.

I had to share as I have not been impressed with their ability to go deeper to help. It’s the lack of skills from the employees in the store.

@krantcents Quick response is key. I hate waiting. I’m sure most of us do.

@Michelle That’s what I like to hear.

@Derek I hear that one. Some customers definitely need to be cut off before they drag you down.

@Mark Interesting. Even if there’s a low price?

@TPIE That’s interesting to hear. Thanks for sharing this.