August 16, 2012, 6:00 am

How I Plan on Rocking My Authority Site

by: MD    Category: Alternative Income
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Mike concluded Monday’s post, I Want to Become an Authority, by asking:

Tell me, in which field do you want to become an authority?

This really got me thinking about the authority site challenge and how I could excel at it. I started to look at successful authority sites to see what they have done to stick out of the group and make an impact. I took notes and came up with my game plan to rock it myself.

Here’s how I plan on rocking my authority site…

Lots of research.

Anyone with an authority site usually knows everything that there is to know on the topic. They’ve consumed every bit of research. They also stay on top of new trends and possible innovations in the field.

Doing research doesn’t mean that you read blog articles before bed. Research isn’t about an article that gets you motivated for ten minutes. Research is all about growing in the field and building your understanding.

Research often involves any of the following:

  • Traveling to events.
  • Meeting for coffee with folks in the field.
  • Subscribing to relevant magazines.
  • Attending conferences.
  • Challenging your beliefs.
  • Reading actual books and not just blog posts.

I definitely plan on learning everything that I can to become an authority. I want to know as much about the topic as possible.

Try out different ideas.

“Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.” — Frederick B. Wilcox

I need to be more bold. I need to try out different ideas.

In real life I don’t mean saying something dumb or behaving in an odd manner. I sometimes filter myself too much online. I need to be more open to new ideas.

What do different ideas consist of? From the top of my head I thought of:

  1. Different styles of writing.
  2. Different post formats (long vs short, story vs fact based).
  3. Posting frequency.

That’s how I plan on trying new concepts. I will play around with posting frequency to see what the readers prefer. I will try to approach articles from a more unique perspective.

Oh and I also plan on failing often. That’s the price of admission to trying new ideas. You’re bound to fail.

Do video and audio finally.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been meaning to do a video blog post for the past three years! I first recorded a rough video in the summer of 2009. Nothing ever came of it.

I recorded some podcasts last year (check out my interview with Crystal of BITFS). For no real reason, I stopped this. I never purchased the proper equipment and I never pursued this any further.

Now I need to finally get into gear and pump out more video/audio. Most of the true authority sites have a variety of ways that they reach their readers. I want to use traditional blog posts, audio, and video to get my message across.

That’s how I plan on rocking my authority site. I posted this here because I want to be held accountable. The only thing stopping me is me. Nothing else.

I’m also open to suggestions. How would you rock an authority site?

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One thing I would do is setup google alerts so that I know all the new stuff happening related to the subject. I would also subscribe to any other blogs covering it with an RSS reader.

Great post MD, I’m really looking forward to seeing what authority site you’ll be working on:)

I have seen some people have success with YouTube. The problem with it is that whenever anyone has a video on their blog I never watch it. If I do video I am also going to have a text.version below it to please readers like myself.

check out

I love his blog because he keeps it short and almost always adds a rockin great video, very simple very plain but incredibly effective.

Hey TFB,

Thanks a lot for getting this up – I like how you are breaking this down and I look forward to reading your posting in the future.