August 9, 2011, 5:00 am

How a Physiotherapist Makes 400K Last Year?

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physiotherapist salaryA few weeks ago, I spent some times thinking on how can you make money when you are a handy man. When I think about how I can increase my income and net worth, the following ideas come to mind:

– Become a better financial planner and bring more money to my book.

– Work on my niche websites and online empire.

– Write eBook on escaping the Rat Race and sell it (it’s coming… don’t worry!).

– Offer consulting services

– Invest in the dividend market


All these ideas are great and I’m actually working on all of them. However, there is just one thing: all these ideas require brain power. But what if I’m more of a handyman and that the side of my brain that is developed is not the cognitive one? Well it doesn’t mean that if you don’t like reading books and going to college that you can’t make some extra cash. Here’s a little story of someone I know.


The physiotherapist who made $400K last year and will make $500K this year

According to, an informative website about the physiotherapist profession, the salary range for a physiotherapist is from $56,000 to $77,142. While this is a pretty good wage, can you tell me how the hell the physio I know made more than 400K and will keep earning such a high income year after year? I’ll let you guess:

a)      He is working with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez

b)      He is working with all star hockey player Sidney Crosby

c)       He has invented a revolutionary therapy

d)      He is selling all kinds of natural products to his clients

e)      He his making his money from something else

Which one do you pick? Ooopps… that’s not fair, I should add the following choice:

f)       None of the above

Yup… this guy is doing something way simpler than working with high end clients or selling some crazy product.  He is simply running his own physiotherapy clinic. He has hired other physiotherapists that work for him and manages his business by himself. So instead of increasing his work hours to 80 per week and be good for a depression in 5 years, he is hiring tons of physiotherapists and his job is to dispatch them accordingly.


No classes, no books, no inventions. He just took his job and made a company out of it. The best part is that he used to work very hard but he is now in a position to enjoy life. He has the money and time to do what he wants to do. Isn’t that beautiful? Oh, I missed the best part: he’s not even 40!


So this leads me to the ultimate secret of being rich:



Whatever you do in life, you need to scale it in order to become rich. There are tons of physiotherapists making 50, 60 or 70K annually but only a small group of them are able to generate mid 6 figures. The only difference between the 2 groups of people is that one decided to quit the 9 to 5 rat race and make a business out of their job.


Not convinced yet?


How about a multimillionaire Fitness Trainer? Google “Tony Horton” and you’ll find probably the richest fitness trainer in the world… and the creator of his own program: P90X, which is a stay at home workout program that will make you fit in no time. Warning: as he did this before becoming rich: you are going to sweat a lot if you want to escape the rat race… or if you purchase his training method! Lol!
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Leveraging other people’s time is a great way to make more and more money. It is the key to a business or a franchise. Great example.

Wow….how can I become a physiotherapist?! Hah…that’s awesome. Great and interesting article.

very true. a CFP can branch out and start an investment firm, a CPA can do the same with an accounting firm,a developer / programmer with a dot come. there are also more responsibilities and risk that come with the endeavor, but then again nothing worthwhile comes easy does it?