May 8, 2012, 5:12 am

Here’s The Truth I Never Told

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aloneA couple of months ago, I told you that I started a new job and that I was joining the big leagues. More recently, I compiled a few videos on how I motivate myself to get the ball rolling.  And it works: after 6 weeks at my new job, I’ve already achieved my annual objective and have an interesting pipeline for next year!


I received a few emails and comments on this blog asking how I make cold calls and how I start a new book. Readers are basically asking me what I do to be so successful at work. I guess the secret is to find what you are really good at and hustle. Passion and hustle are the only 2 words you need to remember to be successful in any field. This is what I’ve been doing for the past 4 years and it is paying off big time. On this team, I am, once again, the youngest guy sitting at the table. This is great proof of my fast climb due to consistent high performance at work.


Everything seems perfect and rolling for me.




But the truth is slightly different.


Today I want to bring you with me for a tour behind the scenes. The truth I never told anybody  about my job is the following:


It’s a Darn Hard Job to Do


There is nothing cooler than succeeding at something that is very tough. What is even cooler is when other people look at you and you make it appear like it’s super easy to do. Well NOT! This is not cool! It’s not cool because it is so f&%/”g hard to achieve, you have no idea. Each day is a roller coaster of emotions. Regardless if I exceed the expectations or not, I feel like sh!t at least once a week. And I’m writing this post to explain exactly why I feel like that. At the moment of writing this very line, I’m not even sure myself. But I need to dig into my mind to find out what is wrong.


I like my job.


I’m good at it.


People around me are awesome.


So what is wrong?


Anxiety is My Dark Passenger


Each time I have to pick up the phone, I feel anxious. It’s kind of weird as I have a pretty good batting average to booking appointments on a cold calls. So far, I have a 26% rate of success when I call a client to get an appointment. In this industry, this rate is sick. Every 4 phone calls, I have a chance to meet with a new client and show what I can do best: take care of people.


Nonetheless, the pressure of performing is freezing my brain and slowing down my actions. I fear the moment when I schedule time to make cold calls. I find all kind of excuses to “shuffle paperwork” instead of growing my business. This results in hours of non-productivity, boringness and an awful feeling of being useless. But some days, I just can’t pick up the phone and make a stupid call. The confident, borderline cocky, Mike is unable to pick up the phone and dial 10 numbers in a row! Come on, dude, it’s like ordering pizza! Is it that difficult?


Why is it so hard to do something that I’m good at? I mean; I love to meet new people and find out about their lives, businesses, backgrounds. I love connecting with people and move forward with them.


But the seed of anxiety was planted in my brain when I started. I told you that people had great expectations of me when I first started at this office. Well, the seed of anxiety was planted the moment I realized that I didn’t have a small book of client to start with. I was supposed to get roughly 40-50 clients. I thought this would be enough to get me busy for a few months, get the ball rolling, meet with clients, develop relationships and develop referrals. But I started with 18 clients regrouped into 5 families. Seriously, 5 families to start a business… it’s more like having 5-6 real clients (can we count the 3 minor kids I have in the 18 clients as “real clients”?) Do you really think I can live with that?


This is where a little bit of panic started to run into my mind. When I have a busy day, when I have appointments with clients or when I have files to work on, the anxiety disappears in a heartbeat. In fact, these days, I feel like a million buck and truly love my job. Every time I have to meet with a new client, I’m super excited and motivated. And each time I leave their offices I smile and feel satisfied.


But most of my days are not like that… there is not much you can do to keep you busy with 18 clients, right? So there are other days where all I have to do is to sit at my desk, pick up the phone and make calls. This is exactly when anxiety jumps onto the dance floor and drains all my energy. So what scares me, really?


I hate when people tell me they are not interested.


I hate when they make me feel unwanted, unsolicited.


I hate when I have the feeling that I won’t bring in any money this week.


I hate when I can’t prove that I have real value to offer, that I can truly help them.


I hate to been seen as a vacuum peddler – I’m a professional damn it!



Phew!… seriously, thank you for reading me this morning. I’ve been thinking seriously prior to writing this post and I dug inside myself to find what is wrong with me, when I go into a rut like this. The fact that I feel like you, my friends, are listening to me this morning makes me feel a lot better. It’s kind of weird but the best way to get rid of anxiety, is climb up to the rooftop and scream it to the world.




Aahhhh… now I feel better! It’s currently8:44 amas I finish this post and I’m going to hit the phone like I never have since I started this job!


When you think about it, what is worse: staring at the phone during an hour and doing nothing or getting ten “no, thanks” and 3 appointments for next week?


Rock on!


Thx for reading, you are awesome!




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by: Millionaire | May 8th, 2012 (8:03 am)

I feel like I wrote this article 🙂 Everytime I have to do this one thing I hate doing, I procrastinate to the point that sometimes I’m almost late for delivering. Everytime i have a down i tell myself I have to change job and do something else. The weirdest part is my boss, collegues and most people I work with all tell me I do a good job. But I don’t feel this way. I’m anxious. What can we do about it?

by: The Financial Blogger | May 8th, 2012 (9:12 am)

Hey Millionaire,

The only thing I’ve found to solve my problem was to talk about it. Not with my boss or my colleague, but on my blog and with my wife. I’ve written this post last week and I’m already feeling better when I do cold calls ;-). It’s still hard but I rather focus on the small achievement (such as getting an appointment) instead of the frustration (such as getting a straight “no, thx”).

Good luck!

I suspect your anxiety gives you an edge, so maybe it’s a good thing. Keep up the killing – sounds like you are doing great. Maybe your anxiety is you just being hyper aware of everything you need to do just for something that sounds simple like a phone call. Remember, deep breathing cures anxiety every time.

Thanks for venting this morning. I’m sure there are many more of us out here who feel the same way. I have this anxiety when doing a pre-interview for possible tax clients. I have had a few people act interested and just not call back and others just balk at the price, but it’s not because I didn’t offer a great value proposition, just that it didn’t work for them.I love your enthusiasm and determination to get out there and kill it! And I agree, talking about anxiety is the only way to kill it because in your head it becomes overwhelming and distorts reality. Reality is that you are absolutely killing it! Reality is that some clients won’t recognize the value you bring, but you still bring that value. Reality is that you will not be the best fit for all clients. But reality is still, that you are killing it!! Thanks for the post.

I also have a problem with anxiety at times. I felt like this a lot at my old job and I recently started a new job and there isn’t as much pressure so things seem to be turning around. Sometimes I think not being anxious is worth some of the trade offs.

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