October 12, 2007, 7:00 am

Having a Second Child Does Not Cost Much

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Frugal
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When we first had William, our whole life went upside down and my wallet followed the lead. The arrival of this little angel in our life brought up many financial concerns in regards to his needs. You may read a lot about having a child, there are still things you discover along the way. When we had our second child, Amy, I was expecting to have my baby expenses explode for the second time. It now has been two month and I barely notice a difference in our budget. I tried to find out why.

2 babies
You Can Reuse several ItemsUnless you have twins or your children have less than a year of difference, you might be able to use several things that are taking dust in your basement or your garage. I’m thinking about the baby stroller, the crib, some clothes, toys and the special diaper trash can. You absolutely need to buy one if you don’t want to waste a fortune in Febreeze in the next three years! Especially with two, the whole floor will stink like the morning smell of the bathroom.When they are babies, they can not really damage their stuff. My stroller is still impeccable and I will probably be able to sell it for a good price once my little one will prefer to walk. You are still receiving several giftsYour family and friend will still offer gifts to celebrate you newborn’s birthday. Since there are a lot of stuff that can be reused from the first one, you will receive a lot of clothes, toys and baby products such as diapers or creams. I have receive so many pyjamas for my second child that I did not have to buy one! I really appreciate this supports from the people I love. It is always comforting to realize that you are not alone in this new adventure!

You learn from your previous mistakes

You will absolutely remember this stupid little gadget you bought for the first one and that did not work at all for him. You remember which kind of diapers to buy at what age and you can differentiate a good brand from a bad one. Therefore, you will not waste your money on all those gimmicks. Unfortunately, the newborns have become a highly profitable market for companies. With experience, you are able to make good choices.

You receive bigger allocation to compensate

Depending in which country you live in, there are many government programs that grant money to parents for their children. Most of my allocations doubled when Amy was born. This was definitely a great help to finance the coming of my sweetie pie! At least for once, I know where my taxes are going; right back into my pockets.

It might become more expensive in the future

Unfortunately, the financial future is not so bright. As they become older, you will not be able to use the same clothes, toys and furniture for the two of your children. This is where a saving plan would come handy. In addition to that, you will have to think further and start contributing to an education plan so you can provide your children with a decent amount of money to finance their way to the next Google!

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Beautiful kids – I’m guessing they take after the mother? 🙂

Great post – you’re right about all the savings to be had. One more tip is to try to have the second kid be the same sex as the first one…more reusability that way 🙂


Good to know with my second on the way! Thanks for the post.

By the way, on the special diaper trash can, I don’t use one. How? Simple. Get a trash can that can hold a walmart or other similar bag, put in some baking soda in the bottom of the bag to absorber the smell. Then change every few days or daily if it is hot out. It’s cheap and works great.


by: The Financial Blogger | October 12th, 2007 (7:05 pm)

they actually got everything from the mother beside their ears 😉
The tip of having 2 kids of the same sex is great but I didn’t have the 10K to decide the sex 😉

CD, I hate when it stinks in my house, this is why I use this kind of trash can 😀

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TFN, Hello. You make a good point about why the 2nd child seems low cost. I wrote how everyone’s 1st child can be as cheap as your 2nd child (click name link if interested).

What you save in reusable items, you lose in more expensive child care when you want to go out for the night or if both spouses work.

I also hate the idea of depending on a government entitlement to make having a second child “cheaper”.

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by: The Financial Blogger | October 16th, 2007 (9:23 pm)

Rocket, as I said in my post, I might change my mind in the future, but the first two months did not cost much. In fact, I kept the same budget I had previously ($350 per month) and I did not go over budget so far.

In regards to the government, it’s not a question of depending on its program but trying to get as much as you can from those programs. If today they are giving children allocations, take them! I also based my Smith Manoeuvre based on federal tax laws which may change next month. One thing is for sure, with the government, you are never sure of anything 😉

Enjoy the financial benefits of your second child “drafting” behind the second while it lasts. Unfortunately it’s a rather short-lived benefit to having two. I’ve got two children — one boy, one girl. Eventhough I dressed them both very unisexly for the first several years, they were in opposite seasons and built differently and had different preferences so only about 1/2 of the saved clothing got used by the second child. We had a long line of cousins, though, that got use out of things that the our second child didn’t.

Certain equipment and accessories are easily shared by second siblings — even those of the opposite sex — if you plan carefully. Bikes, skates, helmets, books, backpacks, toys, etc, can generally be passed down if you resist the temptation to buy trendy or colors and styles are are clearly “sexed” or dated.

Still, no matter how cleverly you plan, your children will find a way to complicate things 😉 It’s the nature of the beast.