August 2, 2013, 8:39 am

Have You Thought of Making Money From Facebook?

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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This week Epicness comes to Glenn @ Viperchill. He covers how he made almost $1,000 with a Pay Per Click program from… Facebook!

 facebook ppc

I know a few friends or mine doing a lot of money with PPC. When you read about the result, it sounds like magic: you invest less than $100 in advertising and make $1,000 out of it. In the financial industry, we call this doing “arbitrage”. This happens when there is virtually no risk on your investment while you simply profit from the spread between two trades.


In this case, each time you invest $1, your chances of making $10 in returns are very good. This is where you drive the math to a whole new level and increase your marketing expense to $1,000 and hope to make $10,000.


Unfortunately, this is not as simple as that… you need a lot of analysis combined with trials and errors to make sure your arbitrage system works. At first, you may spend $100 and receive $5 in return.


Glenn came up with detailed explanation of how he made his money. It definitely worth the read!


Have you ever tried using Adwords or Facebook PPC programs to make money?

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As a business woman, I also sell stuffs and gadgets on Facebook. I rarely put my investment for about $1-10 per advertisement, but with no fail, I could get 10 customers per day!!