October 6, 2008, 6:00 am

Going Out West Part 2

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Last week, I discussed the positive sides of leaving your home to work in another environment. Most people do it because they can find a better job in their work field; some others do it just for fun. Unfortunately, there are not only good points of moving elsewhere to start a new life. Since I have seriously considered this option at one point, I am giving you my reasons for not moving.

I can tell you upfront that it is mostly because I have two young children.

Not necessarily improving your lifestyle

When you are moving to a better economic environment, you will not only find a higher income job. You will also find higher housing prices too! I have checked to move in British Columbia at one point in time and I found out that I would probably increase my income by 15K, but I would have to pay about 3 times the price for the same house I am living in. So if I was to move, I would have to accept to live in smaller house or even worst, in an apartment. This is what usually happens when a city goes through an economic boom; everything goes up at the same time!

No more friends or family

Another important point to consider is the “lost” of friends and family around you. You will obviously keep in touch with people that are close to you, but you will definitely not be able to go have supper with them every weekend! I wanted my children to know their grandparents, their aunt and godfathers and godmothers. They already occupy an important place in their life and I surely don’t want to break this.

Not the same culture

Since I live in France for 6 months, I had the time to realize how different it could be to live in another country. There are a lot of my home habits I couldn’t have back there. For example, I couldn’t think doing all my shopping in a single day. Things are much slower in Europe that they are in North America. They might be less stressed but it still takes forever to do what you have to do in a day! Therefore, there is definitely an adaptation that is required. Depending on where you are heading, this could be smooth or very rough. In both cases, this is definitely a “cost” you have to take into consideration.

What if you don’t life it?

I would not take too much time on this point since I believe in changes and this question is possibly the biggest brake to evolution. However, there is a possibility that you don’t life your new life and that you decide to come back. This would result in a huge cost and probably rock your self esteem.

So I personally decided to not move elsewhere to pursue my career. However, I must admit that there is a lot of room for a great career in my field where I live so I don’t really feel the urgency to move. It could be a different story if I was working in the oil industry 😉

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