April 24, 2013, 4:45 am

Getting Rid of Google Once and for All

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Make Money Online
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google reader

I have complained a lot about Google lately on my blog. I didn’t appreciate how they run their updates and algorithm. I’m not saying that my blogs should be ranking for all keywords. All I am saying is that some of my blogs don’t rank anymore and that’s not fair either. You are going to tell me it’s because Google is all about content quality. And I’ll answer that some of these blogs don’t rank, but their scrapers with my articles copied without rights rank in the top 10 for the same keywords. Where is the quality then? That is a good question.


Unfortunately, complaining about Google search engine ranking is like complaining about taxes; there is nothing we can do and we are going to pay for it anyways! This is why I’ve decided to completely ignore Google and concentrate on improving traffic without the big G. How is this possible? Can you really grow a website without Google? I’m 100% confident you can.


My partner and I took on a challenge for the next six months. We have picked two sites each among our network and looked at the average unique visitors for the past 6 months. The rules are simple: take any means to increase traffic over the next six months. What’s the prize? $200 to spend in the restaurant of our choice with our wife paid by the company. Pretty motivating, huh?


In order to win this challenge, I will not count on Google to help me. In fact, I’ll do 0 keyword researches, link building and other SEO strategy. I’m taking a whole different route. Here’s how I will do it.


Active Newsletter


If you are a TFB subscriber, you probably noticed that I haven’t sent much stuff lately. I was busy working on other projects and I truly put the TFB newsletter aside. I’m coming back with a full plan where I will be sending newsletter more often. I’ll create incredibly good content and send it to you via my newsletter.


I experienced it with another mailing list and I’m now able to generate additional traffic with a simple click. My eBook is almost ready to be launched and will be offered to my subscribers only. I’ve sent it to some people and they told me I should sell it. Imagine how good it is ;-).


Social Presence


I’ve stayed away from Facebook, Google +, Twitter and other social networks since the beginning. I’m not a big fan of these networks but I realize that I’m missing a big part of the internet because of that. Considering that Google will close Google Reader, the RSS feed may be on a downtrend as well. Counting on my feed burner services to reach my readers is not realistic anymore. But people open their Facebook daily. This is why I have to be active on these networks!


My two Facebook Pages are up:


The Financial Blogger Facebook Page

The Dividend Guy Blog Facebook Page


You can find me on twitter here:





And on Google +


The Financial Blogger

Going Mobile


I’ve noticed that 25% of my visitors are coming from mobile devices. This is HUGE! The problem is my site is not “mobile friendly”. In fact, it’s pretty hard to read an article or to navigate on my site with a smartphone. I’ll be working on this issue in the upcoming weeks. The funny part is that it will obviously be my partner who will work on that since I’m techno retarded ;-). Therefore, he will help me to win the challenge against him… hehehe!


Comments & Guest Posts


Those are probably the two oldest practices to increase blog notoriety. Comments are great to create bonds with readers and other bloggers. By commenting on other blogs, chances are that people will be commenting on mine as well. I read several blogs every morning but rarely comment on them due to a lack of time. I’ll change my morning schedule to read less and comment more.


Doing guest posts is another great way to attract new readers. I have a few great ideas where I can provide great value to other blogs and potentially attract new readers this way. On top of that, this is also a great technique for link building. While I ignore Google in my strategy, some help wouldn’t hurt, lol!




Yeah… I’ve been thinking about doing videos for a while now. It’s been more than a year that I have this “dream” of creating my own videos. However, due to my job, it was quite difficult. I want to make sure there is a clear distinction between my day job and my blogs and putting my face on my site is not the best idea to separate both activities!


However, by using screen recorder software, I’ll be able to show people things I do on my computer without showing my face. In a few months, you should be able to hear my lovely voice on TFB.


Who knows, I may even go for a podcast at one point!


Let’s Just Be Everywhere!


I think this is the key; be everywhere. My plan has more to do with being all across the web so Google doesn’t have any other choice but to take my site into consideration again. I hope this evil plan will work out!


What do you do to improve your site traffic? Have you tried any of these strategies?

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Like your ideas. The problem is time. How do you do all of these things. For me, I still have to practice law, so it is hard to get involved in all of these in any deep way. I have all of these things set up but fail to devote time to some of them. But your points are well taken and your method is probably the way to go.

I have noticed your commenting 🙂 Glad to read your comments.

I personally use my newsletter heavily for traffic and surfacing older content worth reading.

I am unsure about Facebook but I think YouTube can be huge. I listen to a number of podcast and it’s an interesting segment. It does take time and it pretty much has to be you rather than a VA 🙂

by: The Financial Blogger | May 3rd, 2013 (4:22 pm)

I’m not counting too much on FB 😉

but I’m sure the commenting will work! hehehe!

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I didn’t realize you were the dividend guy as well but now it makes sense, comparing the two writing styles.

I have always considered Google to be practice a form of digital sharecropping and until we diversify our traffic and visitors we are a victim to it.

Google search traffic will always be the greatest generator of traffic for me but, I have manage to diversify through videos, guest posting, my Google+ account a few other smaller venues.

I’m just really trying hard now to comment on more blogs. i never really did in the past and I can tell it hurt. Plus, I learn so much more when I comment. Any advice on how to get more people commenting on my blog?

by: The Financial Blogger | May 27th, 2013 (7:12 am)

Hey Scott,

yup, I own over a dozen of financial websites where I blog from time to time but TFB and DGB are my main blogs.

Having comments on a blog is a challenge for me, I’m not quite sure how I can help you with that!

I guess the key is to get personal and connect with your readers as much as you can and reply to all comments! that’s a good strart anyway!

I’ve started to comment a lot on other blogs for my dividend blog and I see more people commenting back, that’s good news too!

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