December 8, 2008, 6:00 am

Getting Rid Of A MBA Evil Doer – The Sequel

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: MBA
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I can’t believe people are lazy at that point! I mean, you can be lazy so you don’t clean up your office desk and bills are running all over the place. You can be lazy so you don’t empty the garbage on time or that you forget to pay your tax bills (hum…maybe not that lazy 😉 ). But I can you apply for a MBA thinking you won’t have to work? (Besides working your way out!). Since we are a small group of four people, we “draft” another player in our team. We actually advise the MBA direction that we didn’t want any tourists in our team. Guess what!

Are lawyers all the same?

The guy was good looking, charismatic, inspiring. He was a former lawyer now directing life insurance agents in the wealth management division of a big insurance company. Hey, that sounds like someone with a future!

During our very first lunch, we were saying how bad we wanted good marks (not because of the result itself but because we wanted to learn something out of it). He was with us all the way; “if it goes below my expectation, I will be screaming” he said. I guess we didn’t have the same kind of expectation 😉

Since we had a law class and he was a former lawyer, we thought we were pretty smart to take this guy in our team. We named him team leader of this class. We had a paper and a presentation to make. So he built the presentation and gave us the slides with more information.

We didn’t feel that it was great but we thought we could still get a good result since we are pretty strong in our presentation. The problem is that he made law mistake in the presentation and we got nailed by the teacher. We felt so dumb; we let him prepare the whole thing, we didn’t double check and we went directly to the slaughter house with a big smile. Shame on us!

Then, he sent us the outline of the paper. It didn’t make sense at all so we decided not to follow it and bring back a completely different version. We sent him the paper so he can “add value” with his knowledge. When he sent it back saying he couldn’t print at work, the whole document was messed-up. Margins were all over the place and spelling and grammar mistakes had been added. This is the kind of value we got!

At that point, I bite and sent him a bad email about our marketing paper. I have the bad habit of shooting first and asking question later 😉 He came out with so many excuses that I retracted myself and apologize (hum… that wasn’t so smart after all!).

Final nail in the coffin; 15 minutes before we present our final marketing project, he asks questions about his own part. He didn’t read the whole paper and never prepared. I just couldn’t believe it!

Overall, he still finished the last session with us and got another one free in his pocket. 2 more to go and he will get his 3 letters (‘cause that is really the only thing he will get out of this program… besides enemies? Hehehe).

I learned a few things out of this experience:

– Don’t trust people on their background.

– Give them a chance but follow them closely and don’t take anything for granted.

– Think twice before biting.

– But if you bite, bite ‘till the end it bleeds!

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Hehe, the joys of a team-based MBA program. Isn’t that the kind of stuff that gives you doubts about certain professions (including the MBA that you and that other guy are going to get .. don’t worry I have one too and I had those guys in my program too)

The law mafia tells you that only lawyers can know enough about legal matters to witness a mortgage and that’s why they need $200 per hour.

The accounting mafia tells you that only accountants can know enough to produce a financial statement and that’s why they need $200 per hour.

The engineering mafia tells you that engineers can do anything and that’s why they’re the only ones that are qualified for any job whatever.

The realtor mafia tells you that only they know enough to list a house on MLS and that’s why they deserve 3% of the value of your house.

Etc etc

by: The Financial Blogger | December 12th, 2008 (7:00 am)

I love your cynicism ;-0

But you know too much, the mafia will have to take care of you!

Seriously, I am a bit disappointed to see how some “professionals” act in my MBA program. I’ll write more about it later on 😉