April 3, 2009, 5:00 am

Flaws That Helped Me With My Personal Finance

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Personal Finance
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We keep writing about how great we need to be in order to remain in control of your personal finance that we need to make a budget, invest on a monthly basis and have a retirement plan. However, I discovered that some of my flaws were actually helping me getting a hold of my personal finance and becoming richer.


While I am very proactive and effective at work, at school or while blogging, I can be such a slowmo when it comes down to take care of my own stuff. It sometimes kills great opportunities (I still have 5K in cash in my RRSP account that I planned investing back in early February… missing completely the March rally!). However, it sometimes help me being frugal 😀 (it’s been a while that I didn’t write about being frugal… hum I wonder why!).

In fact, I wanted to buy a car for the past 2 years. But since I don’t take time to shop around, ask questions, compare models and drive a few cars, I am still with my old Mazda (old but completely paid!) and benefiting for more cash flow for the past 2 years. I actually love to buy stuff and spend money but since I procrastinate a lot on research, I buy less good that I should be doing if I was as proactive in my life as I am at work 😉


This is probably the most controversial flaw I have. How can I be lazy and work full time, blog (full time!) and do an MBA at the same time? Well, I’m doing all of this because I am lazy. Since I don’t want to work all my life, I though that if I work really hard in my 20’s and 30’s, I could retire young and enjoy life. After all, I’ll be millionaire by 45 according to my new plan 😉

Laziness brought me to:

– learn fast reading

– learn multitasking

– evaluate the trade off effort/return on everything I do

– optimize that trade off

– leverage so I work less

So now I can do a lot more things with less effort and time. I’ll keep optimizing my y trade off until I stop working and simply manage the business that pays for my living. This won’t be work anymore, this will only be fun!

On the other side, laziness is quite an obstacle to my new goal of losing a pound a week! Every morning, I have to kick my butt to stand up and go to the gym so it stops increasing in volume 😉

Being Impulsive

Most people consider impulsivity as a flaw since it pushes you to make move you wouldn’t have done if you would have though about it carefully. On the other side, impulsivity brought me to learn how to think quickly and still evaluate most impact of my decision. I never regret my decisions and most of the time they are taken within 2 hours of thinking (even when it comes down to buy a new house or having a baby 😉 ).

Since I can’t stop being impulsive, I decided to compensate by developing attributes that cover the problems related to impulsivity 😉 This is a great thing when it comes down to make choice for your career or dealing with clients. You must be fast and cover your angle.

As you can see, those flaws are still flaws. But if you learn how to master them, you can get something great of out it… and hopefully become richer!

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I find myself to be just as lazy as your are. Fine by me!


How did you learn to read faster?



by: The Financial Blogger | April 4th, 2009 (5:54 am)


I actually learned it by myself just by trying to skip words and then lines and still understand the full meaning of the page.

Recently, I was able to read a 600 pages book in 2 days (that was for my MBA ;-)).

There are actually books where you can learn techniques to read faster.

The 4hourworkweek.com or the book by the same name have some handy methods to read faster and learn new languages in 3 months….

Also TFB, don’t kill yourself working out burning two pieces of toast every morning trying to lose a pound. If you are truly as lazy as you say (said with a smirk) then just go low carb. You can drop 5 a week with no effort whatsoever.


by: The Financial Blogger | April 5th, 2009 (6:47 am)

Thx for the tip, I’ll look into my eating habits. However, sometimes it looks easier to sweat like a pig on a treadmill than cutting on a good meal 😉

lol I hear ya…just cook a ton of steak or pork chops and eat them for a few days in a row…or get a protein shake. The sweating can’t be bad I suppose.

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I find that if you drink enough coffee and protein shakes you stop caring about eating altogether. 🙂 Just make sure you eat enough not to let your muscle atrophy. Eating too few calories can be counter productive.

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