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Finding That Reason Why You Wake Up Everyday

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“Each time you get comfortable, each time you get into your bubble, it’s time to get out and burst the hell out of it!” – My first Boss.



For the past month or so, I can say that my life is slowly getting back “on track”. This means that I’m getting used to my new job while Caleb is sleeping more than three hours in a row at night! It’s a big relief to see that our major project for our house in 2012 (our pool and the deck that has to go around it) is finally complete and ready to go. Once again, I’ve created chaos in my life with the only purpose of getting back to a normal life.

wake up


I Use the Stock Market Cycle Approach


To make my life exciting and interesting (hey, you gotta have fun in life, right?), I use a financial principle. I guess it’s not very surprising knowing that I like the stock market so much! During a stock market cycle, you always have a period of growth followed by a stretch of crazy enthusiasm until the bubble of the moment bursts and we go down in panic mode. Right after the panic mode, there is a time when companies & investors are going back to the drawing board and make major cuts. They optimize their business or portfolio and get themselves ready for the next ride. And then comes growth again… Here’s a graph showing how the stock market goes throughout the years:




My Own Life Cycle Approach


I use a similar approach to manage my life. I usually work very hard on my current project to master it and then reach the highest level possible. Then, when everything is under control and it “becomes easy”, I add another project. This project has to be motivating and demanding so I can go “All-In” and make my life fun and exciting again. Then the project usually becomes a bit bigger than expected (really?) and I become overwhelmed (like having a new job, 10 side projects and a third kid all in the same month!). It usually creates a period of pure chaos in my life. Everything is on semi-autopilot while I truly have the impression that I don’t control anything. After a moment of panic, I get myself together again and start hustling like there is no tomorrow. It’s like a drug; my brain seems to need it to feel good. After a while, I not only succeed in my project but I feel awesomely proud of myself. Once again, I did it. I overcame the obstacles of life and have acquired more experience for my ultimate book; the book of my life. I slowly drift back to my “normal life” but with more additions (or should I say addictions 😉 ). My own life cycle looks like this:


life cycle

Each time I finish a cycle, I get something out of it. It is sometimes a diploma (my MBA & CFP title), it is sometimes at work (my recent promotion or the decision to become a financial planner), it could also be a side project (such as my online company) or a family project (my wedding and our three beautiful children). I guess I can say that the result is usually worth the effort and the chaos I have to live through. The “prize” is usually equal to the effort and chaos I’ve endured.


My first boss used to repeat this all the time:


“Each time you get comfortable, each time you get into your bubble, it’s time to get out and burst the hell out of it!”


This advice still resonates 10 years since I heard it for the first time. This is definitely the most powerful life lesson.


Having projects is what makes me wake up every day.


Having passion is what makes me tick throughout the day.


Having a fulfilled life is what makes me sleep well at night.


The Price of Waking up Each Day


This doesn’t come without pain, anxiety and doubt. It’s part of the “super-cool-life-package”.  I guess this is what keeps me going each day; the promise of a fulfilled life. I have found happiness in doing many projects at the same time and achieving my goals. I am using my passion to help me go a little bit further each day. And when I’m tired, when I feel that it’s too much or that I might not be doing the right thing, I look back at what I have done so far and I feel fulfilled. I feel that my life has a meaning and I say to myself:


“Hey Mike, look at you! Look at where you are. Aren’t you proud? Now shut your mouth and appreciate what you have!”


During tougher periods, I look inside myself and try to find the real reason why I am doing all of this. This is very important because if you don’t know why you wake up every day, who will? That reason is different from time to time, but in the end, there is always one.


Now you know what is my reason to wake up every day is, what is yours?



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This post came at a good time for me. I finished up the Canadian Securities Course and have considered trading or selling. I just need to decide if I like numbers or people more 🙂

I like your life-cycle plan too. Keeping that one nearby to remind myself why I take on these new challenges and what happens next.

I love going to work! I even miss it when I am off. I am trying to create a routine for retirement to maintain some of same elements.

I dig it! I definitely am motivated by challenges. I go through the cycle of tackling something, have a period of time where I panic and doubt that I can do it, then I bust through the wall with a “WHAT NOW?!”, enjoy it for a bit, and start the next. It would be great to print this out and look at it during my “Panic” period, reminding myself that I will get through this and the reward is worth it.

God and family are my number one motivators and motivates me to tackle things I would never have fathomed before. For example, i got married so i got on a budget and paid down debt. We bought a house too! We wanted to get pregnant, so I studied for a year and get my EA license to do taxes. We got pregnant and I applied for promotions like crazy until I finally got one so my wife could be a stay-at-home-Mom and take care of the little one. Now I launched a blog to help others and plan to make it a third income stream at some point.

None of this would happen without motivation! Great post!

Recently my big goals have been working on my house and getting as much done on my blog as possible. The house is coming along and so is the blog so hopefully both continue going well 🙂

Why, oh why, do we do this to ourselves? It seems that you have the same “create chaos, thrive under pressure” M.O.. that I do…

Cool cycle and theory of work. Makes sense to me.

I love your first boss already. 🙂 When I get into a bubble (I do it occasionally) I get bored. Then I get restless. Then I come up with projects. Then I crave that bubble that I just left. It is a vicious cycle. 🙂 I guess you have the same.

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