February 13, 2010, 10:53 am

Finanical Ramblings

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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Valentine’s Day is coming J While several people think Valentine’s Day is just a commercial Holiday to spend more money (gotta start the capitalism engine, don’t we?), I still like to celebrate it with a good meal and an evening with my wife… without the kids!

I started a new training program at the gym in order to cut all non necessary fat on my body. My goal is to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. I started last Thursday and I was 184 lbs. Tracking it on my blog will help to keep my motivation to a higher level ;-).

Here are some great reads for this weekend:

Four Pillars is suggesting a few ways to find love (he didn’t mention buying your wife on a Russian website… weird !?!)

Intelligent Speculator compares investing in one country’s currency or market index… the result is quite surprising!

Canadian Capitalist thinks another “lost decade” is possible. This would make my life as a financial planner very… very… very difficult 😉

Find out about the trading secret of the 52 weeks high rule in this new video.

Home bias decisions when it comes to diversification by Where does all my money go? I must admit that I love the Canadian market… maybe just become I am Canadian?

10 ways to save on Valentine’s Day by Canadian Finance Blog and breaking up was not part of it 😉

Save money on your car, thx to Million Dollar Journey!

Dividend stocks and their limitations at the Dividend Guy

Build your own vacation near your place at Sqwakfox… she’s cheating! She lives in Beautiful British Columbia!

What is a good credit score? By Studenomics (better check it out before spending all your money on credit cards during Valentine’s Day!)

The difference between tax return by hand or with a software with ABC’s of investing. I prefer using an accountant!

Should you use your savings to pay off your debts at My Dollar Plan. I think that you should pay off your high interest debts instead of leaving your money in a ING account at 1%!

Iphone Money management Apps at GreenPanda Threehouse

Divorce and Credit 101 at The Wisdom Journal (funny enough to read this before Valentine’s Day ;-).

Getting busy on Valentine’s Day (for single) at The Financial Samurai… ahhh the good old days 😉

Financial Diet by Bible Money Matters

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Thanks for the mention Mike! I guess that could be the 11th way to save money!

Thanks for the mention! I spent my money on a git my girlfriend didnt like lol.

Thanks for the link. Russians eh?