June 11, 2008, 6:00 am

Financial Super Powers Series: Telepathy and Mind Control

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We keep going today with two other financial super abilities that will increase your wallet and obviously make your life easier. Yesterday, we saw how to gain time control and super speed. While super speed was based on technical skills, telepathy and mind control are much more complex. Unfortunately, there is no software that will help you out getting those super skills.


mind reading


The ability to read other people’s mind will not only beneficial for managing your career but for managing your whole life. Imagine if you could guess what your wife is thinking when you are asking her a question? Man, that would make my life easy 😉 LOL! While this is not a defined science, there are still tricks in order to improve your clear-sightedness.


Think when you read financial statements. Instead of simply reading financial news or financial statements, think of what you would write if you were them.

Try to capture their thoughts when they were saying that it was a great year for their company. Great year in term of sales? R&D? acquisitions? Remember that there is always a story behind each word.

Some people call it “reading between the lines”. We actually had a MBA class showing how to read more than numbers in financial statements. It is fascinating to discover the company’s story once you know the meaning of words and numbers.

If you want to improve you reading capacity, I suggest you take accounting class first. Once you know what you are talking about, it is much easier to see through financial reports.

On the other side, it would also be great to know people’s very thoughts. In order to do so, you need to stay quiet and listen. Ask open questions and then wait for the answer. People have the reflex of answering immediately when someone ask them something. They also love to talk about themselves. Give them this opportunity and you will be able to read their soul :-D.

Mind Control

If you could control other’s people action, that would just be evil. However, it may be interesting if you are able to influence them for their own good. In fact, as parents, we do a lot of mind control on our children in order to protect them. There is no evil within the action of influencing someone’s thought. The evilness resides only in your very intention.

mind control

This is where it gets tricky when you have this ability. You must think twice before using it. As Ben Parker (Spiderman’s Uncle) used to say: “With great powers come great responsibilities”.

This is why I will write more about how to protect yourself against manipulators than to manipulate others. People will usually use your emotion to influence your actions. Pride, guilt, doubt or fear are very powerful tools of motivation.

The best way to gain mind control immunity is to take psychology class, read books about manipulators and, most important, think twice before doing something. When reassessing the reasons why you are doing or not doing something, you will become more rational and chances are that you will avoid manipulation from others.

Stay tuned for tomorrow as I will present the third article of this series on financial super powers.



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“This is why I will write more about how to protect yourself against manipulators than to manipulate others. People will usually use your emotion to influence your actions. Pride, guilt, doubt or fear are very powerful tools of motivation”

Maybe a great defense is a good offense? Outmanipulate the manipulators.

Seriously, I totally agree with you. I feel assaulted a lot of the time especially by advertisers, but also among my employers, business partners, etc. They often seem to be after something; something I have. I am always very humbled, awestruck, and greatful when I come across someone who is genuinely selfless and helpful. It is not the majority I would say, but it is less uncommon than I thought at one time.

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There are so many types of personalities out there- it’s easy to understand people that think like me, but it’s the people that don’t think like me that I can get in trouble with. I try to get in their heads, understand what motivates them, see things from their perspective. It’s often very different than mine, and hard to understand. But if I can understand it, I can 1) protect myself from manipulation, and 2) be more empathetic to their position, should we disagree.

Nice post! A Fun and creative way to look at it.