June 12, 2008, 6:00 am

Financial Super Powers Series: Element Control and Matter Alteration

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It’s funny how I can write 3 articles on financial abilities in 3 days but it will surely take someone years of learning to master all of them. Do I master ever financial super powers? Not yet… However, since I started young, I was able to learn time control and super speed early enough. On the other side, telepathy and mind control require a lot more time to master.

There is a reason why I wrote this series in 3 different articles. The first one is that I wanted to make sure that you read each one of them (writing a 5 pages post is only good enough to put you at sleep… while you are reading it at work!). The second reason is because each financial talent is harder to gain then its predecessor. Today, we are looking at the ultimate gifts.

4 elements

Elements Control

When I was a kid, I dreamt several time of controlling elements such as fire, water, air and earth. Instead, I will concentrate on controlling financial elements such as budget, cash flows, financial plans and market returns. Hum… it sounds like a huge pile of work!!


Budgets and cash flows may be the easier financial parts to control. Once you started working on your excel spread sheet and think of all the money that you (waste) spend on different things, you are on the good way.

However, in order to fully control your budget and cash flows, you need to know what to do with your money in order to increase your net worth. This is probably where the challenge is. Financial class, books and obviously reading The Financial Blogger should help you out getting this great gift.

As for financial plans, you can see a financial planner who will be able to help you out with it. Marking the plan is only the first step of controlling your financial plan. Then, you need to be able to follow it and make scenarios to prevent any good or bad events.

Finally, controlling your investment returns is definitely the hardest talent to get. Most people give up and buy ETF’s or mutual funds and hope for the best. For those who trade their own stocks, most of them end-up with a small return near 4 to 5%. There is nothing to write your mother about!

Matter Alteration

I won’t be able to write long about this financial super power as I would not be blogging if I had this gift. Some people seem to turn into gold everything they touch. This is what I am talking about. No matter what is the product, the market, the idea, those people find their way through and simply make it happens.


How can you explain that people make money online as easily as John Chow or Problogger?


matter alteration

How can you explain that there are people like the kid from Facebook making millions and millions in their early 20’s? The basic answer is that they know how to transform ideas into money. This is what I call matter alteration. Anyone that has an idea on how to learn this power is welcome to comment 😉

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