September 8, 2007, 7:00 am

Financial Ramblings

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It is funny to see how my mind is set to count everything. I just realized that I was adding a number after all my Financial Ramblings. In fact, I do not think it is worth adding a number! Since I took off my weekly roundup post on Saturdays, I was thinking about what I can post for the weekend. I think that posting 5 days a week is a good pace and I want to make sure I can keep up with this amount of post. This is why I didn’t want to put a full post for Saturday’s reading. Instead, I decided to put all my Financial Ramblings during the weekend. These will include small financial thoughts, some random news and also carnival’s picks. Instead of just linking to the carnival, I’ll get the 3 articles that caught my attention.

I was quite happy to find out that the Bank of Canada did not increase its rate. On September 5th, they announce that the inflation (2,2%) was above their inflation target but generally in line with the Bank’s expectation. They also mentioned that the economic growth outside North America appear to be a bit stronger than what was anticipated. Finally, our Canadian Dollar is still pretty high at $0.9488 as of Sept 5th. I can sleep well in regards to my Smith Manoeuvre Strategy.

Please also not that the Bank of England and Australia kept their rate steady as well. I guess the whole world is waiting to see if the BRIC’s growth will continue and if the USA will crumble under their subprime lender crisis. When we look at the overall situation, the economy seems to be pretty stable and healthy. However, like an old man jogging, you never know if the heart attack is coming or not!

Carnival picks

I participated in the #116 Carnival of Personal finance hosted at this week. After I participated during the last weeks, I was a bit lazy with only one submission this week. Hey, Labor’s day was for me too!

My article about quitting my 1st job was quite well received as it was mentioned by The Digerati Life, Consumerism Commentary, Cash Money Life and Smart Money Daily.

Here are my top 3 posts for this carnival:

Raises – Are they for suckers? @ Brip Blap (a great blog that I recently discovered btw)

Can Having Too Many Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit Score @ My Money Blog (the answer is yes 😉 but I will come back with more posts on this topic!)

Blogging Does Not Cause Marriage Problems, Lack Of Financial Sense Does @ The Digerati Life. Definitely a great lesson of life.

While I am not saying I will be posting on a regular basis on Saturdays, all my financial ramblings will be there. So it will give you another reason to come check my blog over the weekend!


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Thanks so much for the link and the kind words!

Keep up the ramblings. I enjoy reading people’s ramblings and musings and especially rants. :mrgreen: