June 7, 2008, 6:00 am

Financial Ramblings – Revisited

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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After several financial ramblings, I decided to bring some modifications on my Saturday posts. In fact, I will keep writing 6 posts a week (including the financial ramblings), however, instead of always writing about a quick finance story, I will include more link love to other good read I found across the internet. I think that the beauty of the blogosphere is to give our readers access to the best and more interesting information on the web.

The number of links is not pre-determined, but I’ll make sure to write a short summary of each article presented in this weekly posts. Hopefully, you will enjoy your weekend readings!

So this week, Frugal Trader at Million Dollar Journey talks about Fundamental and Regular index Fund ETF’s. Financial institutions never stop creating new products!

I want to congratulate Blain from stocktradingtogo that is now completely living from his internet income! Blain always been and will stay an inspiration for me as I saw him made a few hundred buck and he is now making thousand per month with his internet activities! I hope I could write such post one day!

Silicon Valley Blogger offer us a picture of what was her financial situation 10 years ago and look at where she is at now. I think that going back in the past and assess your good and less good moves is a great way to prepare your financial situation for the future.

Mrs. Micah gives us her thoughts on honeymoon trips. When we put the word marriage in our mouth, we know that it will cost a lot of money, especially the honeymoon!

The Personal Financier wrote an interesting article on the search for the perfect home. You may find the perfect place to buy according to your taste and (supposedly) needs but it may not be as perfect according to your budget. Home purchases should be done base on rational argument instead of letting your emotions control your decision. I know, it’s easier to say than to do…

Finally, Mr. Cheap at Four Pillars is giving away free wacky ideas to start a business. You can find the first one here. I’ll keep reading them in the upcoming weeks, who knows? I might find the right idea in someone else tortured mind 😉

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Thanks for the mention FB! Even though the more experienced readers don’t think the fundamental indexes are a good idea, I still think the concept is compelling. In fact, I purchased a little of the index that covers the russel 2000 (small-mid cap) (PRFZ).

Thanks for the mention FB – I’ve always appreciated the support. Only a matter of time before you are there as well. Let me know and I will help ya throw a party. Cheers.

Thanks for the mention!