December 13, 2008, 6:00 am

Financial Ramblings – Pissed Off Edition –

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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– It’s snowing like I’m living in Siberia

– Got a MBA class yesterday, there was a team presenting that made so little sense I thought of getting in front of a train to stop the madness!

– One of my MBA classmate made me realize that I may be paying gas $0.75/liter but if I cross the border (which he live 2 minutes from), I can get the same liter for $0.46!!!! and I thought it was a good deal!

– While you are reading this financial ramblings with your coffee in hand, I’m freezing in a stupid bus (bus quality really suck in during weekends) to go to my 2nd MBA class…

but…. I am having fun after all 😉

Here’s what caught my attention this week:

Read more about the power of words over at Brip Blap.

ABC’s of Investing presents What Are Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)?

Looking for Personal Finance Gifts? Get Rich Slowly has ton of them!

Find out if we should legislate the CDS at Intelligent Speculator.

Interesting takes on diversification (dangerous?) by Studenomics. I actually believe that you are better being damn good at something than being ok on several things ;-0

The Credit Toolbox is telling you how to manage your revolving credit.

American’s debt shrink for the first time at Clever Dude. That’s about time 😉

Lazy Man is giving is gifts guide too! (you can’t say that I’m not helping you for Xmas!)

Great investing tips to be found in Investing in Investment Founds by The Simple Dollar.


Carnival of Personal Finance

Carnival of Money Hawks

Carnival of Money Stories

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I feel you pain on the classes. Not that I’m taking any right now but I understand where you’re coming from! Thanks for mentioning the Carnival of Persona Finance.

Thanks for the link.

Try to calm down… 🙂

Been there, done that, on both the MBA pain and the commute pain. Thanks for the mention!