August 21, 2007, 7:00 am

Financial Ramblings III

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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As the market is going a little bit better (Last Friday and this Monday), I made some trades. I think it was the perfect timing to look at stocks that took a good drop and might be transformed into a purchase opportunity. I’ll write about all the details later on. Let just say that you might want to look into the stock market right now. You may find some good picks!


I found a really interesting article about a guy that made a quick buck ($250 to be more précised) by flipping an ad spot on John Chow was selling one of his spot for $1000/month. This guy (Jeremy), bought the ad spot and sell it back for $1250 in two days. On top of that, he is getting a big buzz around the blogosphere. Sometimes, I think we all have to be a little bit smarter and life would be just so easy! Read the full story on shoemoney.


I found out how I will compensate for my wife’s income loss due to maternity leaves. I still have some money that I had previously put aside. I should be alright until January or February. Then, I will put my year end bonus (hopefully it will be big enough!) into a specific savings account with monthly withdrawals. This should be enough to cover until I receive my Tax return from the Government in June. If I need more money, I would have to decrease my Smith Manoeuvre monthly payment.


She returns to work in September 2008. Ironically, I wish she will never go back to work. Life is just so much easier for both of us when she is at home. I am making this a goal for 2008 and I am already working on it. By reducing our expenses and keeping our paid off car, we are making a good step. However, I still have about $1,500 a month to compensate by increasing my income or by reducing our expenses in order to be able to offer my wife to stay home. This is quite a challenge in a span of only a year.


There were a lot of my posts on carnivals this week. The Simple Dollar hosted the #114 carnival of personal finance while a new blog (Paid Twice) hosted the #101 carnival of debt reduction and Fully Stocked hosted the Festival of Stocks. Finally, I also participated in the #14 Carnival of Money, Growth and Happiness at Credit Card Lowdown.

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Wow, you go into a lot of carnivals!

Do you find they help in terms of increasing traffic?


by: The Financial Blogger | August 21st, 2007 (10:14 am)

I am trying to bring my blog to another level and I am making tests right now. Carnivals are not all good… my favorite so far (in term of traffic and also content) are the carnival of personal finance and the festival of stocks. I’ll let you know about traffic when I’m done trying them 😉

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