April 4, 2009, 7:01 am

Financial Ramblings, Fat but Fit Edition

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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fat-but-fitHey there! I’m quite disappointed this week as instead of losing weight, I gained 3 pounds and I’m back over 200lbs (201 this morning!). I went to the gym every weekday (40-45 minutes each day) but I still ate a lot of desert… sugar… so good!

I also did a “fit test” to know what the age of my body is (if it is still in good shape). While my back is a bit weak and I have to lose a few pounds (duh!), my body has the same age as me 😀 So I am still in a good shape overall… that was a good news I didn’t expected!

Another great news this week is the launch of a new personal finance forum. Canadian Capitalist and Million Dollar Journey (probably the best 2 Canadian blog ever… beside mine hahaha!) teamed up to create The Canadian Money Forum! Be sure to join 😉

Here’s a few good read:

The Intelligent Speculator claims that Canada sold British Columbia to the USA!

Weakonomics tells us how the government prints money… I’m getting my setup in my basement today!

The Credit Toolbox continues is crusade against Dave Ramsey

Buy My Stock Picks is wondering if the move on crude oil is over.

An interesting takes on the credibility of PF bloggers as being “expert” by Candian Dream.

Studeconomics did a presentation about blogging to his fellow students! Good job, but don’t spread the word too much… I like making money online and there is enough competition already 😉


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Stop stressing so much man. It took you a long time to make money off your blog and it will take a long time to lose weight. Persistence is the key. Thanks for the link!

Thanks for mentioning the new forum FB!