August 30, 2008, 6:33 am

Financial Ramblings – Back in Business Edition –

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This was quite a week and I am glad everything is behind us now. It all started at the beginning of the week when MDJ sent me an email advising that he got a “warning message” from his AVG antivirus software when he went on my site. I decided to put this info on my to do list for this week.

Was it done by anti smith manoeuvre? People that think using a line of credit as an emergency fund is crazy? Or by Primerica agents who think I am the devil? V, are you behind this? He he he!

However, things went sour the day after. Google reported my site as an “attack site” and therefore strongly suggest internet surfer to not go to TFB. My traffic dropped by 60% in a single day.

What happened?

I couldn’t find what the problem was. After all, I am a finance guy, not a techy ;-). The worst part is that my fried that’s taking care of the technical aspect of the site, Pierre, was in New York at the US Open (GREAT TIMING!).

I downloaded AVG and noticed that my site was directing some readers to some spam site. I also used Google Webmaster tool in order to scan TFB and find the source of the problem. Since many pages seem to have the same problem, we decided to switch theme and try it out again.

It appeared that our theme was hacked to redirect people to another site. Instead of working on our previous theme, we simply decided to change the design and start from there.

Luckily Google did a review of TFB fast enough to bring back normal traffic within 48 hours. I am glad to announce that we broke our traffic records by getting more than 10,000 visits in August! A big thank you to all my readers!

I also want to thank the following blogger for their help by either notifying me of the problem or checking my blog once in a while to make sure it works now:

Frugal Trader at Million Dollar Journey

Silicon Valley Blogger at The Digerati Life

Pinyo at Moolanomy

Richard at Richard Hancock

Moving forward, regular post will start on Monday, even though it’s Labor’s day 😉 We will be working on our new design in the upcoming weeks and suggestions would be appreciated. I want to thank everybody again for their patience!

I didn’t have time to read articles this week but here are some good carnivals:


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If you need a backup tech guy, let me know. I used to do that (and still do that for a few choice individuals).

If you still have the old theme files, could you send them to me? I would like to take a quick look see to see what they did.

by: The Financial Blogger | August 30th, 2008 (8:52 am)

Thx for you help Richard,
I’ll check with “my tech guy” and see if we still have the code for the old theme 😀

Everything seems good to go now FB! Make sure you install the security plugin that I recommended.

Look like your are back in business. Congratulation.


Also, just to nit pick, my blog’s title is “My Life As A Primerica Agent”.


I would love to know which plugin. Although I’m a tech guy, I don’t keep an eye on the plugin’s available.

Definitely don’t like having to deal with the technical issues.

I’m glad it all worked out for you in the end, Mike! Were you on WordPress 2.5+ when this happened? I’d be curious to know! And CONGRATS on the editor’s pick!!

TDL. He is using WordPress 2.6.1. It is in the source code of the site at the top.