September 17, 2010, 10:45 am

Financial Ramblings

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1. Couple Money is giving away a laptop for the first year anniversary.

2. Are you thinking of renovating your home? Money Smart Blog shows you how to determine the value of a home renovation.

3. Budgets Are Sexy asks if you remember your first time. Your first time tracking money that is.

4. Financial Samurai gives us the new rule for engagement ring buying.

5. Why are you enrolled in your college program? Green Panda Treehouse compares college studies on passion vs profit.

6. Have you considered cleaning your room for personal finances? Sweating The Big Stuff offers up an interesting anecdote.

7. How do you treat your 401(k). Generation X Finance suggests that you don’t treat your 401(K) like a savings account.

8. Do you have financial goals? Good Financial Cents offers 5 financial goals for baby boomers.

9. We all spend our money in different ways. PT Money tells us 15 ways we shouldn’t spend our money.

10. Len Penzo offers us gold selling tips.

11. The Canadian Finance Blog takes a look at the Marginal Tax Rate.

12. Are you ready for this Christmas? It’s time you start looking at your Christmas budget.

13. We all know that a credit score is very important. Check out 5 ways to improve your credit score fast.

14. We all have different eating habits. Some of us enjoy to eat more healthier food than others. Look at organic eating on a budget to save on your food bill.

15. Are you aware of the 2010 estate tax rules? Check out this informative post from Joe Tax Payer.

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