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Financial Ramblings

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1. What is your most valuable asset? The Intelligent Speculator talks about the assets that contribute towards your financial goals.
2. Green Panda Treehouse share with us 4 Investing Principles from Warren Buffett. It’s all about going back to the basics of investing.
3. Your Take; Dividend Investing; ETFs or Stock Picking? The Dividend Guy blog presents you with the pros and cons of each.
4. Mr. Cheap talks about screening tenants and different ways of letting the applicant know they have been rejected. Finding New Tenants: Part 4 is a great series from the Money Smarts Blog.
5. Canadian travelers or businessmen who frequent the US might be better off getting a US Dollar Credit Card. Wanna know why? Here’s One Reason to Obtain a US Dollar Credit Card by the Canadian Capitalist.
6. Finding Property Hot Spots can be both a time-consuming and tiresome.Canadian Dream lets us in on which factors to consider when looking for a good property investment.
7. Balance Junkie gives us a lot to think about with his post Variable Returns Can Work Against You in Retirement. This leaves us a question whether we’re actually investing in retirement or investing for retirement. Quite a big difference there.
8. Whether you have an iPad or a Kindle, don’t you just wonder why do ebooks cost so much? Thicken My Wallet tells us exactly why.
9. One of the ways to being able to save more and investing more is to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Here is a list of 10 Unnecessary Expenses as posted in Sweating the Big Stuff.
10. The word taxes is enough to give me a migraine. Good thing there are tax professionals to help us these days. But what are The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional Tax Preparer? Good Financial Cents discusses these with us.
11. The Passive Income Earner gives us An Alternate Option to Breaking Your Mortgage. This may work for you, so it’s worth to read about it.
And yes, it’s legal.
12. A good credit score isn’t that hard to achieve. All it takes is hard work, discipline, and a little help from the Wealth Pilgrim with his 5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score.
13. Think You Could Live on a Houseboat? asks J. Money of Budgets are Sexy. I think it would be really cool, but then again, with kids running around.. I have to think more than twice.
14. When Rich People Call You Cheap, do you just take it lightly or get offended? Financial Samurai shares his experience with us.
15. Kristina of DINKS Finance spends about $50-100 monthly for her cell phone bill. How much do you pay for yours? Is your Cell Phone Plan Worth It?

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