August 6, 2010, 4:55 am

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I’m dead! I’m deadly dead! I really need vacation… still one week to work …. aaaahhhhhh!

Oh well, leaving my computer now for another day of work… can’t wait for the weekend!

1. First stop, The Financial Blogger is included in the Bankruptcy Blog: 5 of the Best. Many thanks to Ashley for including us in the top 5 of her list.
2. TFB is also included this week in Are You Ready for Your Future? Mint’s Personal Finance Blogger Roundup.
3. Green Panda Treehouse tells us to Stop Waiting for the Big Idea and just stop wasting our time waiting. Go ahead and just do it!
4. So you think you can landlord? A tenant from hell story from Money Smarts Blog that may just make you have second thoughts about being a landlord.
5. Wise Investing should complement a savings habit is what the Canadian Capitalist advises us. He writes that it is not enough to establish a good savings habit. It is just as important to grow those savings through intelligent investing.
6. Traveling somewhere? Million Dollar Journey provides us with 8 Ways to Save Money in Europe. This is surely going to help a lot of those who are planning to travel to Europe.
7. A car is considered a necessity these days. It makes going to and from work a lot easier and more convenient, although there is still traffic to think of. Can you actually save money when buying a car? Canadian Dream tells us how.
8. Should you move to take advantage of cheaper real estate in another state? asks the Wealth Pilgrim. Question is, would you even be getting a job in that state?
9. Can a product deliver both safety and high yields? Most people would choose low yields for less risk. Read Thicken My Wallet’s take on this issue.
10. Starting your own business is no easy task, and it’s but natural that we ask family and friends for help and advice. Or shouldn’t we? Budgets are Sexy posts about why you should ignore 99% of worthless advice about starting a business.
11. Still don’t own a home? Renting isn’t all that bad. And PT Money gives us 8 Great Financial Tips for Renters. Really helpful information for those who are still renting.
12. Sweating the Big Stuff answers the question: How Long You Have to Act Poor until You’re Rich. Must be interesting. How about you? Do you act rich now? Or will you wait until you’re actually rich?
13. Kristina of DINKS Finance talk about relationships and money. I personally think they don’t mix well together, but it’s inevitable especially if both live together and share expenses, etc. So here she talks about Money Make Up or Financial Break Up.
14. The Debt Free Adventure updates — Debt Reduction and Savings Statement — April, May, June, July 2010. Good to see that there’s a significant progress!
15. The Passive Income Earner asks: Is your principal residence your retirement plan? I seriously hope not. There’s always time for more savings!

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Where do you find these photos? 😛 Don’t worry, one more week will go by quickly!

Thanks for the mention! Have a nice weekend.

A good set of articles… thanks for the list!