July 30, 2010, 3:55 am

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Big Canadian weekend coming ahead…. but not for me :-(. In fact, the Civic Holiday applies everywhere… but in Quebec!

However, this will remain a special weekend for me as we are celabrating my son 5th birthday! If I have one advice to young parent, that would be the following; make sure you enjoy every single moment because they grow pretty darn fast!

it’s obviously not my son on the picture but I found it pretty cool!

So Happy Birthday William!

On another note, I would like to mention that the signups for my newsletter have been a great success this week. I am truly surprise to see how many people registered even though some of them did it for the iPod Touch contest over at The Dividend Guy Blog (see recommended reading #2 below 😉 ). I’ll be sending my market recap along with some stock commentary at the beginning of August so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some great blogs to read:

1. Green Panda Treehouse helps you decide and answer the big question, “Should I borrow money from my family?” Borrowing money from relatives sounds easy, but there are a lot of things to consider.
2. The Dividend Guys is running a Contest: Comment on the post you could win an iPod Touch! If you’re not joining, I will.
3. Buying Vs Renting A House seems to be an endless discussion. Mr Cheap of Money Smarts Blog tell us his opinion about renting vs buying.
4. Watching movies at home has never been more fun. And frugal. Since you’re already saving money by popping a DVD movie at home, why not follow Squawkfox’s guide on How to Microwave Gourmet Popcorn in a Brown Paper Bag to save even more?
5.Commodities and real estate are usually considered hard assets. Balance Junkie discusses Commodities and Real Estate: Pros and Cons to help us understand more about these two.
6. I watch what I eat and exercise because I am motivated by the long term health benefits as well as looking fit. On the financial aspect, IS asks, “What are your financial motivations?” I’d say needs, and then a little of my wants.
7. Previous Lives: Blowing Things Up is an article by Canadian Dream, which tells us of his career experiences, and what he learned from those experiences. Sure is an interesting read.
8. Saving up for something such as a vacation, or even retirement is definitely the way to go, but make sure that once you reach your goal, you get what you save up for. Here, the author of Canadian Personal Finance shares with us The Good Wine: A Personal Finance Parable.
9. I can’t live without my computer and my cell phone. In a world where everything seems to rely heavily on communications, the Passive Income Earner shows us The Telecoms’ Road to Profits.
10. There are a lot of complaints from employed people saying that unemployed are eating up the country’s resources. So Why Are Employed People So Smug About The Unemployed? Financial Samurai tells us why.
11. You’re saving up for your retirement. But is saving up enough? Jeff of Good Financial Cents shares with us How to Manage Retirement Savings so you can truly enjoy your retirement years.
12. Dividend yield or dividend growth? is the question that DGI answers in his post. Do investors actually need to choose between divident yield or growth? Read on to know.
13. The Digerati Life posts about the EverBank Sign Up Bonus: $75 to Open Savings Accounts. Sounds sweet.
14. A Motivational Story: From Dog Walking to Ivy League is a wonderful, and motivating story to give us a little hope that with perseverance and a little sacrifice, our hard work will pay off.
15. Financial Uproar hosted the first ever Blogger Jamboree. And we are flattered to be included in this edition’s 10 bloggers who received an email to answer: If You Could Only Invest In One Company, Which Would It Be?

The Financial Blogger has been included in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance #267 at Beating Broke
and also in Carnival of Money Stories #64 – No Debt Plan Edition.

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Thanks for the link, Mike.


Thanks for highlighting my post on commodities and real estate.

Happy Birthday to your son! 🙂

Thanks for the mention.