July 16, 2010, 4:00 am

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The heatwave is over but it is still warm in Quebec… I guess I should not complain since this is summer time, right? On the other side, I just feel that I got fooled since it would have been the first year where I would use my pool almost everyday… and I just sold my house 🙁

Oh well, my biggest challenge right now is not to buy a central AC system this year… this is starting to be rough!

Before I start with my best read I wanted to mention a very interesting post on Intelligent Speculator ; How To Start A Dividend Portfolio With $5,000. I think I will take my friend’s idea and start this way for my future Smith manoeuvre.. seems very interesting!

There is also a special offer from Market Club; they give you a full free access for 2 weeks of their system. As an affiliate, I have the chance to get full access for free too and I really like the way you can set alarm on indexes and stocks. They send you emails to let you know when there is a down or up trend (with the intensity) according to their calculation model. Very easy to use and interesting. For once, you can give it a try for FREE ;-D Try it here.

Here are my best read for the weekend:

1. Green Panda Treehouse highlights the 5 Things You Need to Look At When Trading ETFs.
2. Canadian Personal Finance gives us all A Quick Brilliant Idea on Saving. A brilliant idea indeed!
3. In a 3 part series, Doctor Stock come us with A Successful Trading Strategy Series. My personal favorites is Part 3, where he share this quote: Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.”
4. The Balance Junkie dishes out the the Pros & Cons of Inverse ETFs. Inverse ETFs are a relatively new product, and here he explains what they are and how to use them.
5. Kristina of DINKS talks about Online Businesses Make Money. She suggests that we all start investing into online online based companies.
6. Would you buy a house that someone died in? I would say it depends. If the cause of death is natural such as an illness or old age, I guess that’s OK. But if it’s murder, homicide or something relevant to that, I would have to pass.
7. The Financial Samurai asks “Am I Living in a Parallel Universe?” The economy seems fine, but why are others still talking about “steps to take when the next financial crisis come”?
8. Aren’t you interested to know where will the interest rate roulette ball fall?
Not so long ago, most of us were worried that governments printing money freely would trigger inflation. Now, there are fears of deflation.
9. Here are the most Overused Negotiation Strategies by Money Smarts Blog. I personally think that negotiation is a skill, but this guide can help us not to overdo it.
10. Here are Useful Used Car Pricing Resources from the Money Sense blog. Useful is an understatement. I’d have to say this is an awesome blog post and could really help get you a car for cheap.
11. Point of Sale Disclosure for Mutual Funds? What are they? Read more about the POS initiative in Where Does All My Money Go.
12. This is really an interesting read. Dave of Canadian Dream: Free at 45 lets us in on healthy eating and saving money.His post Like a Caveman is a must-read!
13. The Dividend Guy tell us Why Asset Allocation is Important to my Dividend Portfolio (and my current allocation). Asset allocation is important in any portfolio, so he goes in depth on why it is important.
14. Is it true that Taking Vacations Can Make You Money? I would definitely like to earn money while taking a much needed R&R. How about you?
15. Here is a very useful tip on Using Balance Transfer Cards to Pay Down Your Debt. I’m sure a lot of us can benefit from this one time or the other.

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Thanks for the mention

Many thanks for the link! Very appreciated! Don’t give up, heat wave is cooling off;)

Thanks for including my article on inverse ETFs. Have a great weekend! 🙂

It’s been pretty damn hot in Ottawa too! Have a good weekend yourself.

Thanks for the mention Mike! Have a great weekend!

Thanks for referencing my series. Successful trading definitely takes hard work through trial and error. Cheers!

Thanks for the link Mike – have a great weekend!

Thanks for the link.