July 9, 2010, 3:59 am

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I’ve been doing camping in my basement for the past week because we have a disgusting weather! With the humidex factor, they say that we feel a weather between 38 and 44 degrees each day! The funniest part is that I had planned on installing central AC in my new house, but I just didn’t have the time to look around and find a good deal. You think this is the right time to shop around? man… I’ll be fooled by the AC guy for sure… so I wait in my basement camp!

Here are the good reads for the weekend:

1. Green Panda Treehouse discusses What’s the Difference Between Credit Report and Credit Score. Here he shares how you can improve your credit report and how your credit score is determined.

2. The Wealth Pilgrim answers the big question: Will I lose my home if I file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
3. The Passive Income Earner lets us in on The Story Behind his Reno LOC. I’m sure interested to get a few tips from him.
4. Money Smarts gives the 10 resources to check before you rent in an apartment building. This checklist sure is helpful.
5. Preet of WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com tells us that Disclosure Not Enough For Successful Investing. He says that “Successful investing is 90% psychology and 10% everything else (in his own opinion).
6. How do you deal with friends and money? Do you talk about it with them? Dave tells us his own experiences with this topic.
7. The case against dual class shares is discussed over at Thicken My Wallet.
8. Plan your Christmas (or any holiday you fancy) and Prevent a costly Christmas with the Holiday Expense Tracking Sheet provided by Squawkfox.
9. The Dividend Guy discusses the 2 Things Investors Don’t Want in a Dividend Stock. Here he presents the traits that should raise a red flag in your dividend stocks.
10. All of us want to know How to Get a Bonus Four Times a Year! John from Budgets are Sexy will show us exactly how to do it.
11. Are you tired of the same boring scenery?  Do you want to make a difference in the world and travel at the same time? Try Volunteer Vacations: Stylish, Affordable, and Life Changing.
12. Matt of Debt Free Adventure tells his readers that one of the ways to get out of debt: Start Acting Wealthy. Sounds crazy? Read on.
13. Is marrying for money a good financial strategy or bad financial planning? is the question that Kristina has in mind. What do you have to say about Marrying Money?
14. Have you ever felt like a burden? Wouldn’t you agree with Financial Samurai that Feeling Like A Burden is A Terrible, Terrible Thing?
15. In a world where everything seems to be connected using Wi-Fi, learn from th Canadian Personal Finance Blog’s post about Simple Security and Your Money.
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Thanks for the mention – I hear you about the heat! It’s soooo hot in T.O.

Today seems a bit better though.

Thanks for the mention, I will now put my Aluminum Foil Hat Back on.

Thanks for the link.
It’s getting hot in Vancouver too. We don’t go above 30 often but we reached it this week.

Thanks for the mention.

Well, usually my place is cool enough, that sometimes i need to Switch off AC.
Thanks for the references.