January 31, 2010, 1:03 pm

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I’ve been quit busy these days and I didn’t have time to much financial ramblings since the beginning of January.

We have been working very hard on our online company and I still go to the gym. While I have seen a major progression in our online income, I can’t say the same thing about my weight loss crusade;-). I’ve stick to 182 lbs for the past 2 months… just getting in better shape since I am lifting heavier weights 😉

Here are some great read for this (cold-in-Montreal) Sunday!

Four Pillars is highlighting personal finance issues at Ridgemont High.

Canadian Capitalist is listing new ETF’s from Ishares.

Severing the link between price and weight at Where Does All My Money Go.

Control your spending with a budget at Canadian Finance Blog.

Common myths about stock market risks at Million Dollar Journey.

Home Renovation Tax Credit explained at Canadian Tax Resource Blog.

2010 Best Oil ETF’s stock picks by Intelligent Speculator.

Teaching your kids about money by Gather Little By Little.

Best performing stocks in 2010 from the S&P 500 at Buy my Stock Picks.

Dividend Capturing by The Dividend Guy.

Why 20 somethings hate personal finance by Studenomics.

Too much credit by Man vs Debt.

Someone always fart in a crowd (so true!) by Financial Samurai.

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Hey mate, thnx for the highlight.

182lbs doesn’t seem too heavy. But, I guess it depends how tall you are? 🙂

I need to rest my knees. Gonna do yoga and lifting instead.

Thanks for the mention!

As for the weight loss- this is where you really NEED to push it man. You can try HIIT for cardio. You can pump out the squats for a whole body burn.

BUT do not let the scale be your only indicator of progress. Maybe you lost a few pounds of fat and gained it back in the form of muscle?

I rarely step on a scale. I go by how I look and feel.

All the best!

I’m 5’10”. While 182 lbs is not too bad, I would get rid of my belly once for all at 170 – 175 lbs.

It’s hard to assess my progress as I am gaining muscular mass which with more than fat….

Thanks for the mention, hope you had a good weekend!

Thanks for the mention. I’ve been thinking about picking up a treadmill to keep out of the cold and get the ticker going again.

@ Tax Guy,
treadmill is brutal, I prefer the elliptical machine!

Thanks for the list! Some interesting stuff to read this night 😉

About your training… The last 5-10 pounds are always the hardest to loose (believe the trainer 😉 ).

Do you do intervals on your eleptical? If not try it… you’ll see great results beleive me 🙂

And don’t forget that your weigth and your body fat are two different things 😉 try to loose the fat, not the weight, because your muscle mass will melt! And if you loose muscle, you will burn fat less efficiently…etc!

My boyfriend is 170 lbs. and he’s only 5’8″. I’ve been convincing him to go to the gym but I guess he would rather play Dota or poker online. lol!.. which is the reason why he’s getting bigger now.

@ Mama Zen,

I already do intervals, but thx for the tip!

I guess I would have to cut on desert to achieve my goal… at least, I’m only eating desert over the weekend!

thanks its good to be reminded to do that once in a while.

I’ll have to cut my meat a bit. LOL.:-)