November 17, 2007, 7:00 am

Financial Ramblings

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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I have finally put all my things in place to increase my HELOC. I should get the appraisal report shortly and then restructure all my debts. I estimate that I could reduce my monthly payment by around $100. I should also be able to invest money into another project that will pay me well overtime. Sorry, this financial ramblings is just a tease, you will not get more information on it yet! However, I will certainly make an update on my $1,500 project once everything is settled. I think it will be a major move ahead in order to offer my wife the possibility to stay at home.
I got a brand new and efficient banker!

In one of my latest Financial Ramblings I noted that I had lost my previous banker because she decided to move to another branch. While I found this rule very stupid, it gave me the opportunity to meet with a real machine. I was definitely not excited about meeting with another guy, explain my whole story again and take the risk that he is a pure incompetent. After all, Customers Revenge could tell you a lot about our poor banking system. However, I found out that this guy is just too great! It stared when I called him to advise him of my request. I asked to send everything through internal mail as we are working for the same company. He answered back that he will do all the work and mail me the form back. Basically I don’t even have to meet with him and my mortgage will be increased! I am well aware that a regular client can not have this kind of service but still, the fact that he was offering this level of pro-activeness really impresses me! The whole process was really fast and he even called me when he had no news just to tell me that he did not forget and that he was working on my file.

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