August 29, 2009, 2:55 pm

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fatmanWhile my vacation was quite amazing, it had a terrible impact on my weight. I left work at 178lbs and came back at 185! 7 pounds in 2 weeks! (all right… the picture may be a big exaggerated….) I started back at the gym 5 times this week, played beach volleyball and golf and I am now back to 180-182lbs. My ultimate target is 170lbs by the end of 2009. I will actually try to achieve it by the end of September but this is because I am crazy 😉

We are in the final run at work as our financial year ends on October 31st. This is the crazy sprint to sell as much as possible before they close the books for the year. As I am at 135% of my objectives already, the bonus is looking quite interesting and I am reassured that my wife won’t have to go back to work… for at least another year!

I am quite excited as I just finished my last week of 5 full days of work! Next week, we start an all new schedule where I will have much more time for blogging and hopefully making even more money 😀

Here’s what I found interesting this week in the blogosphere:

Intelligent Speculator is asking if Small Caps offer diversification? They sure offered good yield in this first half of the year!

Since the US Gov already closed their famous program “cash for clunkers”, Gather Little By Little is giving them a new idea: “Cash for Applicance”.

Four Pillars says that you CAN argue with results… I always argue anyway!

ABC’s of investing brings us down to earth with investment real returns.

Million Dollar Journey is looking into flipping houses for profit… is it too late?

The Simple Dollar is reviewing his financial goals and setting new ones… the first step to achieve a goal is to have one!

The Digerati Life is writing about California Unemployment History… a sad one…

Moolanomy won his fight against his credit card company… we, as customers, sometimes win 😀

image source: bedtime champ

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