July 11, 2009, 1:56 pm

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evil-smileAnother week has gone and my “evil” plan is almost completed. Every pieces of the puzzle are finally coming along (even though I had to cut a few pieces to fit them in the frame!). I have a few posts coming explaining the whole plan. If it all work out, I’ll be able to retire by the age of 35.. By retiring, I mean stopping the 9 to 5 rat race and do what I really want and the way I want it.

I keep going to the gym everyday and walking during lunch time. My weight is stable between 180lbs and 184lbs. I wasn’t able to see the magic 179lbs yet… However, I was able to cut down on desert and hopefully break the 180lbs by the end of July… once and for good! I’m getting my new work-out program next week. They say that if you want to see major improvement, you have to change your program every 2 months. This will be my 3rd one.

Since the very beginning, I have lost almost 30 pounds (I was 210lbs back in April) and I have increased my strength significantly. I would say getting results so fast makes me want to pursue and maintain a very high intensity level when I work-out. My trainer did “combos” where I can alternate between 2 set of exercise and never stop between. This is much harder but the results are pretty interesting… even my wife says so 😉

All right, enough about me, here’s what great to read this weekend:

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I must know this evil plan. I await more information on this! 😀 Make sure you lay it out in detail!

Thanks for the link FB!

The first part of the Evil plan is coming this week…

Thanks for the link!