November 3, 2007, 7:00 am

Financial Ramblings

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November started this week and I would like to take my financial ramblings of the week to remind you the importance of contributing into your RRSP plan. During the upcoming months, I will write a lot about RRSP because I strongly believe in this great program. For those who do not live in Canada, I am confident that similar programs exist in your country. I could not picture a country that would prohibit the population from contribution by one way or another to a retirement saving plan. They surely do not want to be force to pay for medications and utilities once you are retired!
Participating into contest is a frugal way to obtain goods!

Over the recent months, I participated into several contests hosted by Canadian Capitalist, Million Dollar Journey, Stock Trading To Go and The Consumerism Commentary. So far, I won two book and a USB flash memory key. The first book was “An American Hedge Fund” given away by Frugal Trader at and the USB key was provided by Blain at In addition to the USB key, Blain also wrote a review on my blog. While the USB key was a great help for my MBA, reading the review helped me out in managing my blog which is a great thing for me, but for my readers as well! I strongly that you go from blog to blog to see what kind of contests are around. It is always interesting to get freebies 😉

More changes on The Financial Blogger

As you can see, I recently added Google adds to my blog. While it is a very shy start, I am confident that I will be able to put more advertisement on the blog. My goal is definitely not to transform The Financial Blogger into a Nascar ride but I would appreciate getting some income from my writing. I am currently working on some side project in order to create more advertising. I plan to be very cautious about my add coverage on my webpage but I can assure you that the monetization of this blog would be a great plus for my $1,500 project. Everyday, I imagine my wife’s face if I would be able to tell her that she does not have to go to work today and that she could stay come and take care of our own children… Nonetheless, please be free to comment on this practice. Your comments a always well received and I count on my steady readership to guide me through creating a better blog!

Procrastination is my worst enemy

As I am a very active person, I like to have several projects on the go. However, it creates sometimes bad situations. It has been two months that I am supposed to refinance my house to get the full value into my HELOC. I have some side project I want to finance and I would also like to organize my personal finance differently so I can reduce my payment and, once again, get closer to my $1,500 goal. In the world of personal finance, procrastination is definitely my worst enemy. While nothing seems to be urgent, it prevents me to save some serious money and get going with my other projects.

Carnival Picks

I tried to be less lazy and to contribute to more carnivals this week. Therefore, I submitted articles to I’ve Paid Twice for This Already hosting the #111 Carnival of Debt Reduction , a first tried to the Carnival of Financial Planning at the Skilled Investor and to Millionaire Mommy Next Door hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance. Here is my top 3:

#3: The Worst Mortgage In The World And A Look At Creative Mortgage Loans at The Digerati Life. Most of the scariest mortgages can be found in this post. In fact, they are all coming from the US (I wonder why 😉 ). I guess that banks out there are really looking to make money no matter what!

#2: Money Mistake Monday – Doesn’t Care How You Pay For It Girlfriend Syndrome at My Two Dollars. As long as you don’t marry her, it’s allright 😉

#1: Follow The White Rabbit To Financial Freedom by Brip Blap. I think I am getting jealous of his creativity in writting! Definitely a great analogy between the movie The Matrix and the financial world/reality.

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