June 14, 2009, 7:35 am

Financial Ramblings

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This has been quite a disappointing week. First, I didn’t get any news regarding my raise. When you consider that I am some kind of a client for my employer, putting one of your good client on the shelf for more than a week may not be the greatest idea of all. The client starts to think he should look seriously what kind of product he can get elsewhere 😉

On another topic, we failed to purchase a great website. Most sites are sold through forums in a auction. We have a model to buy our sites (similar to the one we could use to buy stocks but with difference parameters). The site fitted perfectly but the auction went really too high and then, lost the most important thing; the price! When you buy any assets, make sure that it is at the right price. The right asset at the wrong price is always a bad deal!

Then, I didn’t lose a pound this week! After losing 23 pounds in 4 weeks, I am back between 187 and 190 lbs depending on the day I check…. Definitely a week to forget!

So while I am about to spend my weekend in my MBA book, I leave you with a few good read:

Million Dollar Journey thinks it’s best to prepay you your funeral arrangements.

Intelligent Speculator is in the middle of a series about the challenges faced by Microsoft.

The Credit Toolbox outlines the impact of being a guarantor.

Four Pillars lists the best Canadian Financial Discussions Forums.

ABC’s of Investing suggest a smart rule for withdrawals at retirement.

Where Does All My Money Go is becoming a TV superstar! Watch out this new contest is part of!

The Digerati Life suggests an investment group for financial discussions.

Zach Stocks explains the opportunity cost of green shoots.

The Simple Dollar explores the world of gift registries.

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Thanks for the mention FB!

Thanks for the link! Don’t study too hard – just enough to pass… 😉